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Alright, I really, really put this Luseta Beauty hair product to the test this time! When I visited my friend's cabin with Spencer this weekend (kind of like a couples retreat with our friends Sara and Parker-- we know them from college because Sara is a SPED teacher as well), my hair was  t a n g l e d.
I went up to Bear Lake with wet hair and we spent the day four-wheeling and hiking. When I got home the next day, my hair was a mess of dreads.
I was super excited to try out Luseta Beauty's Ulitmate Gold Set. Usually shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate, phosphate, and paraben free have a harder time detangling my rat's nest. Not this time! My hair came out sleeeeeeek. It even felt moisturized after I straightened it, which never happens.
From the website: "Restore softness, strength, and shine to hair with one of nature’s most effective moisturizers. Ideal for dry hair damaged by heat, chemicals, and environmental elements, Luseta Argan "Ultimate Gold" Set helps to undo that damage by reviving each strand to ensure strong, nourished hair. Packed with vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants, argan oil infuses moisture and shine to promote healthier, softer, and more manageable hair while protecting against breakage. The formula is free of sulfates, phosphates, and parabens making it safe to use on both normal and color-treated hair. "

I definitely have to agree with the product description from the site. This Ultimate Gold Set is necessary for anyone that constantly heats their hair, or has dry scalp problems like me!
Be sure to look for the discount code and giveaway information below!
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luseta beauty hair argain oil

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There is also a giveaway on my Instagram starting at 6PM to win a free Argan Oil Ultimate Gold Set
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  1. I enjoyed reading this post and I'm glad your hair came out sleek after using this :)
    Ramsha | Rose


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