Up Close and Personal with VIIcode Oxygen Mask

VIIcode oxygen mask review
YIKES-- I really meant up close and personal... You can even see the blackheads on my nose in this post! I felt it was important to not smooth out my face in this post for authenticity and truthfulness! That leaves you with even the fine lines from furrowing my brows right. in. your. face.
What is VIIcode Oxygen Mask?
The VIIcode Oxygen Mask is are small eye masks worn at bedtime that can replenish skin with rich moisture. The powerful ingredients help retrieve smooth, resilient and youthful skin around the eyes.

What can it do?
 It can provide continuous treatment for 8 hours over night. (This is different from other similar products whose effects last for a much shorter time period )

What does is feel like?
There is a gel-like texture, which is shown in the close-up photo below! The nice thing about this masks is that it stays in place when I move around. The gel is a tad bit sticky!

What ingredients are in it?
  It uses ecological plant oxygen extracts which are extracted from natural herbal formulas.

How often should it be used?
The oxygen eye mask should be applied two or three times a week over a course of three boxes

What was your experience using the masks?
I loved them! They provide a cooling sensation when applied, which automatically made me feel like they were working. I also loved that, unlike other masks I have tried, they stuck to my face so that I could use them overnight. As you can see from the before and after pictures, they have helped get rid of my under-eye circles! In the first photo, I am even wearing some makeup and the dark circles under my eyes are more prominent than the second picture where I am wearing no makeup at all!

VIIcode oxygen mask review
VIIcode oxygen mask review
oxygen mask review

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In other words, yes I would recommend these eye masks to anyone looking to get rid of dark circles.

Thank you VIIcode for sponsoring this post!


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