The Psychology of Color featuring Victoria Emerson

free people olive green parka
turquoise beaded victoria emerson bracelet

This past weekend, I had the chance to experience the beautiful outdoors with my good friend Brianna (from the blog and YouTube City Fashion Girl). We often "trade" pictures, meaning that we take each other's pictures for free. I get lucky in this deal because Brianna is actually a great photographer!
We headed up to Tibble Fork Reservoir, this beautiful lake right on the edge of the mountain filled with pine trees. The water was half frozen and the ground was covered in fresh powder white snow. It was such a gorgeous place! Bri and I talked about bringing our dogs next time to enjoy the lake and take a doggy photoshoot.

If you follow my Instagram, you may have heard how stressed I have been lately (7 IEP's crammed into two weeks of school!). This is absolutely why I have been posting less frequently on both my blog and Instagram. I have needed to make priorities in my life, which unfortunately means that my hobby of blogging had to slow down. However, I have been trying to create more happiness in my life. Spencer and I have been working on communicating better with each other. We have also worked on finding others we can provide a helping hand to. I have been working on listening to my body and using small exercises (like jaw exercises) to prevent stress from taking over my physical health. Along with that, I truly believe in color psychology and I have been implementing it in my day to day! Espesically in the winter, I find it very important to look for bright colors around me. I recently got this Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelet in the color turquoise to remind myself to calm down throughout the day. It is said that turquoise can help control and heal the emotions, often bringing stability and balance to the mind. Whenever I see this beautiful beaded bracelet from Victoria Emerson on my wrist, it reminds me to breath and stretch my neck and shoulders (where I carry all of my heavy loads of stress). I am absolutely no hippie, although I like to dress like one sometimes, but color psychology can truly make a difference in your life. Especially if you believe that emotional imbalances can take a toll on physical health. Be careful not to let the dark winter control your happiness:)
Plus, turquoise always reminds me of my Grandpa Egbert, who always wore a turquoise ring. After he passed, my mom bought herself and me a ring like his to wear!
plaid (tartan) red scarf
winter outfit for the snow
beaded bracelet that wraps
slouchy pompom beanie
winter outfit for the snow

Turquoise Wrap Beaded Bracelet c/o Victoria Emerson
Olive Green Hooded Parka (Free People)
Red Duck Boots (same brand, different style)
Leggings in Black (LuluLemon)
Red Tartan Scarf (Forever21)
Loose Knit V-Neck Sweater (French Connection)
Slouchy PomPom Beanie (Target)



  1. You look beautiful in these photos

  2. Nice beanie and sweater :)
    Maria V.

    1. I like the rings, sure wish I wasn't allergic to metal jewelry.

  3. This looks like a gorgeous outdoor adventure. I love the bundled up look with the colorful scarf!

    Alicia | Between the Pearls

  4. I love the outfit i love the beanie and the sweater

  5. i love the boots and the jacket!

  6. I think that the psychology of color is cool. It definitely is a science. It's fascinating to learn how shades can affect people's moods, and make you more or less hungry based on the plates in front of you!


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