Bring it on 2016

fukien bonsai tree
Did you write some resolutions yet? I sure have! This year I bought a Fukien Bonsai tree from ProFlowers to remind me of #freshbeginnings.
In particular, this Fukien Bonsai tree with the curved trunk represents steadiness through change. It is the perfect metaphor as we go forward in #2016 to stay strong against the curves life gives us on our path to do better. I can't wait to see what this #newyear

 Speaking of ProFlowers, I love the delivery system! I set up a day for the tree to come and it did! It was in amazing condition, packaged just right so that the tree would stay upright while traveling. Even being fragile, it came without a leaf lost! I loved the accurate delivery and the way it looked when it came to the door.

P.S. This sign is from Metal and Lights! It is gorgeous and the perfect addition to our little space of home. I get asked where it is from ANYTIME someone sees it. I featured them earlier 2015 on the blog, but I figured they deserve another shoutout for such stellar work!
fukien bonsai tree from proflowers
up close to a bonsai tree
metal and lights marquee sign
pro flowers order flowers online

Here are some of my resolutions this year:
1. I resolve to add resolutions to this list whenever I please;)
2. Clean out my closet once a month
3. Save for a tropical vacation to Hawaii
4. Stay on top of IEP meetings and compliance
5. Complete an act of service for Spencer at least once a week
6. Post to Twitter once a day (this one is hard for me!)
7. Go to the gym three times a week-- including cycle Thursday (hardest on the list!)
8. Eat more green vegetables
9. De-stress (go to yoga, breathe, use Electric Massage machine on shoulders)
10. Read a book a month


Thank you ProFlowers for sponsoring this post!
If you would like coupons to buy your own Bonsai or bouquet to be delivered to your door, you can find them here.



  1. Nice resolutions, I haven't even thought of one lol, love the bonsai!

    1. Hehe they will come to you soon! Thanks! Hunter liked the Bonsai as well!

  2. Nice resolutions, I haven't even thought of one lol, love the bonsai!


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