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capri blue candles
Scent has always been a huge memory booster to me. It comes from my mom. My mother has consistently made our house smell warm and inviting, and I remember even the simplest scents from when I was young when she would fill our house with candles.
Currently, if you walk through my parents' house, you will find 5 candle warmers, 10 wall flowers, and at least 15 candles. Sometimes there is only one in use, sometimes my mom will set the house ablaze, lighting all the candles in sight. I think her fondness for "smell-goods" (as we call them) stems from being an animal family. Just like the candles, you can't go into a room without finding some sort of house pet. But with pets comes (not so good) smells. Not only does my mom's love for candles mask this, but also creates an aesthetic and style that leaves guests with a memory- smell!
The habits of my mom has carried down to me. The first apartment Spencer and I moved into was immediately filled with wall flowers (I was so sad that candles were against fire code). It was the same with my school classroom, I filled it with wall flowers! Often, I have students tell me how happy it makes them to enter my room because of the familiarity of the smell (in not so elegant of words). They have even mentioned catching the scent of my room from down the hallway and it makes them happy!
Now that Spence and I are living in a place where candles are permitted (YAY!) I wanted to immediately get my hands on the famous Volcano candle by Capri BLUE. Don't worry, I wasn't disappointed! I couldn't get enough of it that I had to get the Blue Jean fragrance as well as the Aloha Orchid fragrance. The trio offer such different aromas that I could never get sick of them. My home finally has that signature smell my mom taught me for years to work towards!
volcano by capri blue candles
aloha orchid by capri blue candles
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blue jean by capri blue candles



  1. I love when I'm told our house...or my room at school...smells good... 💙🔥

    1. Same! You would love the smell of these candles!

  2. I know what you mean about fragrances that remind me of memories. Mine would have to be coffee for my mom. That's how I have always known everything is on track.


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