Classic Fun Center in Utah

When Classic Fun Center contacted me wanting to collaborate, I was thrilled. It brought back memories of all the dances in high school when we would go in huge groups and hang out before or after the dance. Naturally, Spencer and I wanted to throw a "Valentine's Palooza" (even though it wasn't so Valentine's, more of an excuse to have a good time) at the Classic Skating and Fun Center in Orem! It was a huge blast and we were able to hang out with all of our friends doing what we do best-- playing!

There are 3 Classic Fun Center locations in Utah: Layton, Sandy, and Orem. When it is warmer out, you can also go to the waterparks, one in Sandy and the other in Riverdale! Talk about a party!

As guests arrived, they stopped into the Karaoke and Movie Screening room that we had rented out. We said our hellos and gave them raffle tickets, got their drink order, and sent them on their way with tokens to spend at the arcade. The games were a ton of fun, and the area was really clean. We found ourselves, as a group, hovering around the Deal or No Deal game (it gave away a lot of tickets if you were lucky) and the Catch the Light game (the one that tests your reflexes as the light goes around a circle). In the end, almost everyone spent their tickets on candy, that is expect for one, who spent it on a "magic coin dispenser"-- sounds like we have a magician in our midst!
An our later, we had everyone meet us back in the rooms where we ate pizza and Icees, played a game of skill and chance, and gave away raffle prizes! Our favorite game was the "Ball of Prizes". Spencer and I had recently learned about this at a family Christmas party. Basically, you get a bunch of prizes and gift cards, some great and some not so great. Then, you wrap them tightly with a TON of saran wrap. Everyone sits in a circle and one person in the group keeps rolling the die until they get doubles. During that time, another person is tearing at the saran wrap, keeping any prizes that they get out of it. It is pretty intense! If you ever play, I recommend you make sure couples (or best friends) sit away from each other so that they cannot cheat!
Skating was our second to last activity of the night. Classic Fun Center has classic skates (of course!), roller blades, and even scooters that you can rent! No worries if you are little roller challenged, they have sweet little roller skate trainers (walkers) for everyone to use. The DJ plays great music to skate to, and every once in awhile the whole crowd is asked to join in a game. After 9PM is strictly for adults if you are looking to have a little bit more a grown-up time!
Finally, we all herded back to the room we had rented out that was equipped with a sound system and television complete with music and lyrics. We all sat around and laughed as the wise guys of the group got up and preformed the musical entertainment of the night.

We can't wait to go back! Next time, I am definitely going to perfect my classic skating skills-- those babies are hard work!




  1. Sounds like a total blast, it brings back a lot of skate night memories!

  2. Sounds like a total blast, it brings back a lot of skate night memories!

  3. This sounds like so much fun. I haven't been roller skating in years. It does bring back so many memories from my younger years. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. I love your photographs. The colors really pop. They look straight out of a movie! I wish there were an activity center like that near where we live!


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