Shapewear 101: A Guide to Dressing Underneath with Kohl's (and $50 Giveaway!)

Thank you to Kohl's for sponsoring this post! I received this product in exchange for the post above, but all opinions are tips are my own. The giveaway is placed below.
how to wear shapewear
As a part of Kohl's campaign #KohlsPerfectPair, let's talk about something no one wants to admit to-- SHAPEWEAR! (oddly enough, as I type that word, it comes up as not being in the dictionary, however, everywhere I look, it comes up as one word not two). As someone with a "grownup" body, it's time to face the music and start adding shapewear into the mix. Kind of like how you wouldn't go to work without makeup, you shouldn't go out dressed up without shapewear! It automatically translates to a more pulled together look, regardless of your body type!

However, it is important to KNOW your body type and to KNOW what clothing you are wearing in order to decide on the correct undergarments. Every woman should own more than one shaping tool!
Read more about the shaping options and enter to win $50 to Kohl's!

The Control Briefs
free people lace top
The brief about briefs is this: if you want a shapely bum, these are the babies to buy! They come in all styles and colors, offering a variety of firmness from tight (such as the black control briefs above) to a little bit lighter control like the white lace briefs below). These are great for newbies to the shaping world who don't want to get too complicated.
THE PROS: slight tummy control, comfort level, minimal coverage, variety of style, lifting of the butt
THE CONS: Look slightly light grannny panties, minimal stomach control, underwear lines.
shapewear control briefs
The Shaping Shorts
shapewear shaping shorts
Looking to slim your thighs in that tight dress? Slimming shorts are your style. Expect to have them come up around your belly button and hit about mid-thigh. These are really the best option for skinny jean fans and tight skirt aficionados because they do not bunch or leave a seam line.
THE PROS: seamless, smooth thighs, butt lift, minimal stomach coverage, comfortable
THE CONS: longer, not as pretty, minimal upper stomach coverage, can feel tight

The Bodysuit
lace bodysuit
If you are looking for something that will look gorgeous by itself, the bodysuit is your thing! It offers full coverage of the stomach! They also offer support! These are great with almost any outfit. 
THE PROS: Full coverage, variety of styles, pretty, great with everything
THE CONS: seam line, very tight, hard to get on, better for short-average height women.

These are the gorgeous shapers you have seen the Kardashian women wearing recently around their waists. These are meant to pull in your waist and give firm tummy control.
THE PROS: permanent waist training definition, clear body shape, pretty, stomach control
THE CONS: no lower-body control, painful, complicated

Longline Bras
The same as your normal bra, but with a little bit more control below the normal band. These are great for those wanting just a little bit of waist control.
THE PROS: comfort, ease, pretty
THE CONS: minimal control

Other Shapewear Styles
Of course, I do not have all the shapewear styles myself, nor did I mention them all. There are plenty more to consider for your dressing needs. A few more to consider are:

The Body Control Dress
Shaping Camisoles
Waist Cinch
Longline Bras

a guide to shapewear

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Thank you to Kohl's for sponsoring this post! I received this product in exchange for the post above, but all opinions are tips are my own.


  1. I was just on the look for good shape wear! Thanks for the post!!

  2. I love your honesty about having a grown up body ;) I have to laugh because I know my bod isn't what it once was, especially after baby. thank you for sharing! :)

  3. Love your review of Kohl's shapewear! They have so many awesome styles!


  4. These are some great options! I always forget about Kohls and I love their stuff.


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