Artwork by Madi B

artwork by madi b
watercolor painting

They often say, "when you marry, you marry the in-laws." In the case of Spencer, when I married him, I married into his fantastic group of friends! 
One of those friends married Madi, who among being a talented artist, is a killer dancer when we play the dance move game (kind of like the game Signs, but with dance moves and lots of music). She owns the shop on Etsy where she makes custom and handmade watercolor paintings. Obviously I wanted to rep the Hock last name, and it had to have flowers. I'm predictable!

Speaking of Spencer, his birthday was at the beginning of the March and we celebrated it even harder this past week(end). I wanted to surprise him with a trip, and I always say a vacation isn't a vacation unless you go somewhere near a beach. Unfortunately, I had to clear myself at work and tell him I was taking him SOMEWHERE so that he could get his work off as well. It was a surprise destination until the day of his birthday, though!

We headed off to San Diego to stay in an awesome renovated RV near Old Town from an AirBNB. It was a fast getaway (we left Wednesday at midnight and drove home at 3 on Sunday), but it was well worth the relaxation.

If you want to see some of the snaps from our vacay, check out my Instagram @lauryncakes. These are a couple of photos we shot with Madi's watercolor paintings that are soon to be hung in our house. I just couldn't resist taking them along on our little journey to capture them in front of California's beautiful scenery.
custom water color

Use the code LAURYNCAKES to get 25% off your order from Madi's shop on Etsy!



  1. Like it! Ill have to check out the etsy shop! (:

  2. I love ordering prints! I'll have to look into her shop! The Airbnb you stayed in sounds so cool!!!

  3. seriously cute! what talent too :)

  4. Super cute!! I'll have to go check it out and maybe get some office wall candy :)


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