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In partnership with European Wax Center. All opinions are my own. 
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Have you ever seen someone strut? It's that long, confident walk that women with power usually carry themselves around with. These are the type of women that you watch as they sashay by you and you wonder, "What do they have that I need?"
It's the belief in themselves! They not only have inner beauty, but they know that it shines on the outside, too. Chances are, they take time to groom themselves and have just the right products to do so.
I have teamed up with European Wax Center to show you how to strut your strut, 365. Why? Because you are just as deserving to be confident as every other lady that has the perfect stride. Strut Team 2016!

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Did you know that your skin is an organ? The biggest organ of your body, to be exact! Show your skin just how much you love it for all its hard work by pampering it! A good exfoliator (like Graceful Strut Body Polish) can help scrub away dead skin cells that are inhibiting the growth of pretty and clean derma. This body polish helps to cleanse and nourish skin, while also helping to prevent ingrown hairs! (We all need this, am I right?!) My biggest tip to you for taking care of your skin is to always, always, always moisturize. After the shower is the best time to hydrate with lotion because your pores should be open, ready to it drink in! Did you know that moisturizing can slow signs of aging? It's the truth. The Graceful Strut Body Lotion has a scent that is a mixture of different flowers and white musk; I can't stop using it!
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^^ That is what my students say when my brows are freshly plucked and I have used the Ready. Set. Brow! Perfect Brow Groomer. It is a little magic wand, similar to the one you may use for your mascara, that spreads a clear gel formula to shape and define eyebrows. I love using this to keep my wild brows tamed! To make them look extra bold, the Oh My Brow! Highlighter is applied above and below the arches of my brows to illuminate and draw attention to their shape.
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These products are by far my favorite of the bunch! I saved the best for last. The Reveal Me Exfoliating Face Gel is so fabulous that I use it every chance I can get. Put a little dab of the gel on your hands, rub on your face, and watch as the exfoliation goes to work! It doesn't have any exfoliating balls in it, but I think the gel magically makes my (dead) skin come right off. You won't believe me until you try it for yourself. After washing my face, day and night, I apply the Renew Me Restoring Serum. It contains antioxidants in the formula to help protect against the harsh Utah environment (dry AND smoggy), while at the same time providing the exclusive (to European Wax Center) COMFORT BLEND that helps nourishes stressed skin.

Overall, I would give European Wax Center a 10 out of 10 for having amazing products that help woman like myself feel more confident and strut through life!



  1. I love these products. I'm a European Wax Center loyalist so I'm definitely always on the hunt for what their best products are. Thanks for sharing!
    XO Amanda |

  2. I'm all about the brows!!

    Jenna from

  3. I haven't heard of this brand thanks for sharing.

  4. Just noticed the brow wax, it looked like lipstick.

  5. Sunscreen is a must. I really prefer a UV block at least thirty. The sun can age your skin.

  6. I just think of what the character of Grace on tv's "Will & Grace" said: "I just got a Belgian wax. It was just a regular wax but it hurts so bad I treat myself to a Belgian waffle afterwards."

  7. Love hearing about new products! Thanks for the review!


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