Getting Into Shape and Losing 7 Pounds: An Ideal Shape Review

I was given Ideal Shape product in return for review, but all opinions are my own.
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You'll never believe what happened... but I found a protein shake that I love! Cookies and Cream?! YES. Creamy Vanilla? You bet. Losing seven pounds?! ABSOLUTELY.
I had hit a body low. I had not worked out consistently in a year and found myself always snacking! It got to the point where I felt unhappy in clothing and would rather not get dressed in cute clothes or go out. I finally decided to take control!

I have now been taking Ideal Shape Meal Replacement Shakes alongside my workout routine (did you catch my Curvy Girl's Guide to Workout on snapchat -- username: lauryncakes -- if not, be sure to look for a YouTube video coming soon)! They are perfect to have for a quick breakfast to curb my hunger for 3 hours, a great lunch replacement to boost my energy to get through work, or even a great whey protein to take after a killer workout (there are 11g of whey per serving)! Not only are the shake flavors delicious, but they are jam packed with (22) vitamins and minerals, and fiber, and are under 120 calories per serving.

Over the course of the past month with my fitness routine combined with the Ideal Shape Shakes and the Ideal Boost Weight Loss Drinks, I have been able to lose 7 pounds! I am feeling much more like myself with a lot more energy to do what I need throughout the day.

Wait, wait, wait, "What is Ideal Boost Weight Loss Drink?" you are asking yourself. Well, it is actually a delicious powdered drink that you can take with you in a single serving size. They fit perfectly into a water bottle and are good anytime of the day. The weight loss drinks boast of 3-hour hunger control, giving increased energy, increased fat loss, are only 5 calories, and are extremely convenient. I would have to say that the drinks definitely do all of these things for me! My favorite time to take them are in the morning after breakfast at 7 AM, at snack around 10 AM, and after work at 3 PM. These help me to get through to the next meal so that I feel ready to take on the world without having to carb-load my way through life.

Right now there is the Summer Body Bundle where you can get a shaker bottle, an ebook,  2 tubs of Ideal Shape mix, 2 boxes of IdealBars,  a bottle of Ideal Renew probiotic for $119! That is more than 50% savings on the package! 
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Be sure to get your Ideal Shape package to get your summer body!!



  1. Congrats. It sounds like a good plan.

  2. This sounds awesome! I should try it as I am definitely feeling the way you described in the beginning of your post.

  3. I just stop eat8ing French fries for a month and off come the lbs :)

    1. Hahaha you lucky girl! I definitely have to eat healthy AND workout!

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