Street Style Trends to Look for at NYFW This Fall

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The most wonderful time of year is fast-approaching. It’s almost fashion month! As everyone knows, fashion week doesn’t only happen in New York and designers show their newest threads on catwalks all over the world in September. The shows begin in New York, then they head to London, then Milan, then Paris. You can imagine that the fashion world is buzzing with excitement during this month!

Luckily for us Americans, New York Fashion Week is the first fashion week of the month, so we get a sneak peek at all the hottest styles of upcoming seasons right in our own backyards. Arguably even better than the fashion shows is the overwhelming amount of street style we get to see. Show-goers are nothing short of amazing stylists, and they always bring their A-games to NYFW. In fact, many of the biggest trends of the week come from street style stars. That’s why today’s post is looking towards those iconic street fashion looks we are all dying to see outside of the shows. What trends will emerge this year on the streets of New York Fashion Week? Well, here are some educated guesses.

Lots of layering

Layering is having its moment right now in fashion, and you can definitely expect to see some dramatic takes on the technique. Accessories will be layered heavily like with a hodgepodge of necklaces adorning a collarbone. Also, people will be wearing shirts under their dresses, possibly in the way that Eleanor Pendleton of Nitty Gritty does in this photo from Yahoo! Style — taking advantage of both the layering and the off-the-shoulder blouse trends.


With the influx of trendy sneakers and even more athletic wear than we could possibly actually wear to a workout, athleisure is still going strong despite the notion that it would’ve faded by now. This fall is calling for all kinds of track suits and bomber jackets. It’d be a miracle not to see some mix of these items with contrasting accessories walking the streets during NYFW in an expertly assembled ensemble.

Raw jean hems

Sleek, untouched denim is a thing of the past. We’re back to the days of distressed denim, and those who are most on top of their fashion game know that the real trend is in the hem, as explained by the Guardian. Keep an eye out this September for women wearing jeans with raw, unsewn hems, leaving strings to dangle at the angle. Edgier looks will be boldly cut and destructed.

Bare shoulders, still

Much like athleisure, the off-the-shoulder trend is holding strong to its foundation. We fell in love with the off-the-shoulder look in the spring, and if the runways for fall 2016 fashion are any indicator, this autumn will yield the same shoulder-baring beauty. Plenty fall-worthy bare-shouldered looks reside at Lyst's gallery, proving that it’s a trend that's here to stay. We expect street fashion enthusiasts to mix it up in some innovative way—giving us endless cold shoulder inspiration as fashion month continues on.



  1. Yes! I love the distressed denim and am happy that cutoff hems are in!

  2. I love that fashion is concentrating on the average woman and not just celebrities .

    1. I love that too! I think it is a win for the fashion industry!

  3. These are soooo comfortable!! I'm 5ft 4in 135lb so I usually fall somewhere between large and medium. Ordered carbon 38 workout clothes and they fit great they are just the right amount of snug to be supportive but not so tight that they are uncomfortable.


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