Utah Microblading: What is it? How Much is it? Where can I get it?

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I recently was able to get my eyebrows microbladed by Kate Parker from @BrowsByKate in Utah! As you can see pictures from the pictures above and below, she did a magnificent job! To answer a lot of the questions I have received recently about it, I figured I would write a blog post to answer them! The finished results after healing are the last picture.

What is microblading? A tool is dipped into ink and used to make small marks on the desired eyebrow line to mimic real hairs. The tool has 12 needles that can etch the pigment into the skin

Who is microblading for? ANYONE! However, it is especially great for anyone that wants to reconstruct, reshape, define, cover gaps, or even create eyebrows that they have been missing. It allows you to relax a little from your morning makeup routine!

How much does it cost? Brows by Kate costs $350 for the initial treatment and the 6-week followup. If you book with a friend, you both $50 off! Book in September and tell Kate you heard about this post and get an ADDITIONAL $15 off! This is a killer deal, I have heard of treatments (outside of Utah) costing upwards of $900! Don't trust anyone that says they will do it for cheaper than $350.

Where is she located? In Utah near Thanksgiving Point!

How long does it last? The results are semi-permanent and should last about a year before needing a touch-up treatment.

Does it hurt?  For me, it felt like someone was making small scratches on my face (which is exactly what was happening). I didn't drink a lot of caffeine, take aspirin, or blood thinners 24 hours prior to the process in order to prevent pain and bleeding. Kate also applies a numbing cream before and during the entire process. Remember, pain is relative. It may hurt less or more for you depending on what you have been exposed to before!

Is it a tattoo? It is not a traditional tattoo, as it is not permanent. It hurts less than a tattoo, but some do call it that. People who are unaware will probably ask you if you "tattooed your eyebrows".

How long does the procedure take? How long does it take to heal? The procedure takes an average of two hours. This obviously depends on how much your eyebrows need to be reconstructed. It's a meticulous process that deserves to not be rushed. The healing process takes about 1 week for the pigment to tone down, 3 weeks for the scabs (and slight itching) to go away, and 4-6 weeks to be completely healed.

Is there down time? Not at all! People may notice your eyebrows are darker for the next week or so, but they will probably just think you used more makeup than usual. While the eyebrows are healing, there are scabs, but they are unnoticeable because they are the color of the pigment. Just make sure not to rub or get them wet in the first week of healing.
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  1. Your brows look great! What a difference microblading makes. I really need to look into places that do it here in Boston.

    1. Thank you! Definitely check into some places about it!

  2. Wow your eyebrows look really nice i should get something like this Question is there an age limit towards that procedure ?

    1. There is not an age limit that I know of! You do have to be 18 to get it done without a parent.

  3. your brows look great!!! i have been dying to try this!

  4. Thank you for sharing this review. I've been hearing so much about microblading recently.

  5. I've never heard of this before. Seems expensive for a non-permanent solution.

    1. I could see how you might think that! It's a very popular procedure on the West Coast

  6. Gushing! your results were really pleasing and would love to have the experience myself. Would love to give this eyebrow microblading in Manila a try and have the investment I deserve.


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