11 Tips and Tricks to Use to Build Your Instagram Engagement

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Isn't this jumpsuit from behno absolutely breathtaking? I could tell the quality of the fabric and piece from the minute I received it in the mail. If you are a person that is afraid of how a jumpsuit will look on you, this is the one to get! It has a seamless fit that makes me feel like I am ten pounds thinner.
Plus, can you honestly say that you have seen the culotte jumpsuit with a subtle pattern anywhere else? 

I really like that not only is behno unique with their classic styles, but they work to be ethically defined! They built their company on women's rights, happy workers, eco-consciousness, health, and great working conditions.

When Stacie from Good Waves Productions and I got together to shoot this look, we knew it would be killer. I told her to coach me on my angles so that I didn't look fat, and as it appears, she did her job well,
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1. Switch to a business account      This could quite possibly be a game changer for you! Switching to a business account does require having a Facebook page to prove you are a "business or brand". That's easy! After you have made the page, go to your Instagram page, click on the cog in the upper right-hand corner, and scroll down to the "Switch to a Business Account" button. The great news is that this is reversible if you end up hating it (BUT YOU WON'T). Some advice (unless you have a business phone number): take the option off for people to call our text you. You might get some unwanted phone calls (I did!) unless you do that. Switching to business account allows you to have your contact buttons in your profile, shows you analytics on your posts and following (like the percentage of men vs. women following you, age ranges, and best days/times to post), and also lets you share your posts directly to your Facebook page.

2. Engage with your followers -- by paying the love forward!      Skip saying, "thank you!" and then tagging a bunch of commenters on your own post. You may have the right intentions, but it comes off as disingenuous. Respond to questions only on your own post! Instead, go to commenters' personal pages and engage with their posts! They will love it and eventually return the love again.
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3. Tag brands in your caption and your photo      If you are hoping to get reposted, this is the way to do it! Along with using brand hashtags, tagging them in the caption and in the photo grabs their attention, and keeps you in their tagged feed when they are looking for content. It also helps other users strike a conversation about the object of your pictures. Tagging brands is said to earn you 56% more engagement!

4. Post daily      This was important before Instagram rolled out changes, but it's almost essential with the new algorithm. The Instagram algorithm favors the users that get the most likes, comments, or engagement! If someone is a follower engaging with your posts, you will go to the top of their feed whenever you post! Thus, by providing content everyday, you are promoting more interaction. More interaction = higher up in the feed. High up in someone's feed = more interaction again. It really is cyclical. I like to think of the new algorithm as a capitalist society (the rich get richer, the poor get poorer) -- those who post often get more engagement and get more popular, those who post less often, get less engagement, and get less popular. *If you want to get more InstaStory views, this also applies. When you post, it goes to the top of the Story feed. If you are continuously posting, you'll stay near the front, thus getting more views.
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5. Use a hashtag group in your comments    Now, don't overload your caption with hashtags -- that is a big NO-NO! What you can do is put the hashtags in the comment immediately after the caption. I like to post the photo and then have my hashtags copied so that I can put them there before anyone else is able to comment. I keep a couple notes on my iPhone with a list of 20 hashtags catered to the type of post I am doing (lifestyle, beauty, fashion, hometown). Because Instagram limits the amount of words seen in any particular comment unless you click "more", many people like to put three dots or periods before the beginning of the hashtags to try and hide them when you post them in a comment.

6. Post clear, bright, and curated photos      This should be pretty obvious, but people who post beautiful, artistic, easy to see photos that are on brand are going to get more engagement on them! People like you to be consistent with the aesthetic of your feed. Open colors and single dominant photos are going to get you more likes!
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7. Tell a story      Everyone has a unique story. We all come from different walks of life, culture, states, and backgrounds. Our day-to-day lives are even original to our story! Show that to your followers. They come to you to see YOU, not the other social media influencers that are all posting the same outfit and captions!

8. Offer something unique, and brand yourself      This is very similar to the last one, but find your signature thing. Is it red lips or hair bows? Edgy style or dark humor? What ever you are good at, stick with it! Along with that, tell your followers a tip, trick, or fact they won't find anywhere else!

9. Join an engagement pod      These are newer to the Instagram community. It simply is a DM of 14 other influencers or business owners that post in the group message every time they have a photo go live. When they post in the DM, everyone knows to go like and comment on their most recent photo! The hope and main idea is that you get enough engagement within the first 15 minutes and then hour to get your to the picture to the popular page and to stay at the top of the hashtag feed. It's jailbreaking the system! It actually promotes others to comment on your post as well because there isn't the fear of being the only one.

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10. Pose a question in your caption      Are you giving your readers reason to comment? Pose a question and your followers will automatically have a conversation starter and something to say!

11. Add a location      * I have to post a warning about this one: when using a location, it will geotag your photo on your profile. If you are worried about crazy stalkers coming into your life, this is not the best option to have! * If you aren't too worried and you are pretty careful to post your photos when you aren't in an actual area (like you have left the establishment), this can work well. By tagging the location, it allows those in the area to find you easier, as well as those looking at photos in that certain place! This can increase people commenting because they will have a similarity to you.




  1. Great tips Lauryn!! I am going to switch to a business profile on insta ASAP! And yes, your jumpsuit is absolutely breathtaking!! You look gorgeous!

    xx, Elise

    1. Thank you Elise! Let me know how it works for you!

  2. Love these tips and I totally agree with all of them!

  3. These are great tips! I've actually started doing some of these things recently and it's really helped :)


    1. That's awesome to hear! Do you have any other tips that you have been trying lately? I would love to hear them!

  4. Awesome tips! I am yet to use Instagram to promote, but when I do start I will certainly be using hose tips. Thanks.

    1. You NEED to get on IG to promote! It's a whole new world.

  5. I love these tips! I've applied some of them and will definitely be incorporating the few other tips I haven't. I am just starting to build my Instagram and these tips have been helpful.

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  6. I absolutely love your look here! It's so Sofia Vergara/Miami cool (hopefully someday Cuba). The cuffs are adorable, and so are the open-toed heels.

  7. I have been considering switching my Instagram account over to a business account but had heard a few people say it actually made their engagement decrease!! I might try it out and see what happens with my own account. Thank you for these tips!

    Kate | katelovesmakeup.com

  8. Love this post! How insightful. Would love for you to check out my blog at www.pinkyapproval.com. Would love to chat about collaborating

    xoxo Emilee


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