At Home Laser Hair Removal with Tria Beauty

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We all want to be hairless, yet have the most amazing hair on our heads and brows on fleek. 
No Shave November does not need to a be a thing anymore with Tria  Hair Removal Laser 4x. Well, No Shave November with hair no longer needs to be a thing. 
That is because with the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x you can do laser hair removal treatments at home. Say bye-bye to hair, and your razor.

The Tria "machine" (if you will) is a handheld device that you keep at home and use every two weeks until you see the desired hair reveal results. It is the first FDA-cleared hair removal laser for at-home use ever. It uses the same diode technology that your local dermatologist or med spa uses with their large clinical machines. The laser works by targeting hair follicles to permanently disable them from hair growth. It can be used on your body OR face. 

This may seem silly, because the picture below shows me using the laser on my leg, but that is just to show an example of how the device is used! I actually treated my arms with the Tria Beauty laser (my legs are currently undergoing treatments at a med spa because I had already bought them when I found out about this machine). Although the device is small and portable, it packs a punch! I can tell just by the feeling I get when using the laser that it is delivering the same treatments I paid thousands of dollars per area for (one area, such as lower arms, can cost $900 or more!).  I love how user friendly it is; the device comes with a complete booklet of directions as well as easy-to-use symbols on the device itself.

I would highly recommend this device to anyone! It is the perfect gift this holiday season for anyone searching for relief from hairy anything. I know I saw results within 3 months of using the Tria Laser Hair Removal every two weeks!
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Buy yourself a holiday present that is sure to give back!


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