Beauty Review: Luminess Airbrush Makeup Foundation Vs. Traditional Makeup

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You may know from my post a month ago that I use airbrush makeup when going to my photoshoots for Lauryncakes blog! I swear by how natural it looks. Many confuse "airbrush makeup" with "photoshop airbrush" and think that it means you will look too fake. 
This is a common misconception and a MYTH!

According to my post three months ago, there are ten (10!) reasons why you should be using airbrush makeup in your beauty routine. Now I am going to tell you today why Luminess Air airbrush foundation is greater than regular foundation makeup-- hands down!

Read below to find out!
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  1. - all in one primer, concealer, and corrector
  2. - light application for a natural finish
  3. - leaves a vibrant finish
  4. - absorbs oil
  5. - softens wrinkles and fine lines
  6. - has silk proteins for moisturizing
  7. - can be worn for up to 18-hours!
  8. - complete coverage with less makeup applications

  1. - offers just one type of coverage: foundation!
  2. - cakey look giving unnatural look to skin
  3. - leaves a dull finish
  4. - produces oil
  5. - sits inside wrinkles and lines making them appear deeper
  6. - can often be drying
  7. - must be reapplied every 4 hours
  8. - requires many makeup applications to get full coverage

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Among the benefits that I was able to compare and contrast above between Luminess Air makeup and regular makeup, I love the foundation for many other reasons! The Mystic Foundation is never tested on animals, is suitable for all skin types, dermatologist approved, noncomedogenic, and free of oil, parabens, or fragrance!

PRO TIP: When applying, mix the Mystic Foundation shades for an even better skin tone match!

What do you say, are you convinced yet of the magical powers of airbrush makeup from Luminess Air?! 

Makeup care of Luminess shown in photos above



  1. I love trying new makeup and new techniques! I've had my makeup applied via airbrush once for a wedding, and I totally agree that it looked natural/amazing and lasted all day (and night!!). My main hesitation with purchasing the foundation for airbrushing is that it's definitely an investment. Are there a lot of makeup stores that sell Luminess Air so you can try it in person before buying?

    1. It definitely is sold in stores, but I am not sure that you are able to try the product and return it if you are disatisfied! If you go to the Luminess Air website (linked about), there is a sale to get the foundation for $20! They also offer a 30-day trial that is only $20 right now!

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    1. I am not sure what that means? I love that song though!!


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