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Alllllllright, who else thinks about traveling the world, all the time? Traveling makes me feel alive. Immersing myself into a foreign culture makes me feel more rounded as a person. Discovering new places reminds me just how big our world is. I am constantly looking for a new adventure, a new culture to learn from, a new place to see. There is one thing always stops me though: the cost!

I looked up all the "tips & tricks" of traveling,  and Google would tell me things like, "Go into an incognito window when buying tickets!", and  "Only travel on Mondays!", Turns out that when I tested my luck saving a buck using those loopholes, they weren't working for me. I needed more.

I started asking around, posing the question, "How do you do it?!",  to all of my nomad friends. As poor millennials, we have to stick together, right? The common answer was to sign up for Pomelo Travel.

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What is Pomelo? Well, it's only the greatest thing to grace our traveling planet. Pomelo sends emails to its subscribers with flight "deals". They aren't just deals though, they are airline mistakes! The Utah based company catches the mistakenly posted flight prices, and sends them out to you, their costumer, so that you can have the best bang for you buck when traveling.
Save the money on airfare, spend it on the food;)

Airlines make mistakes and have incredible sales. When you subscribe to Pomelo Travel's cheap flight alerts with your email, you’ll receive 10 - 15 emails a month notifying you when we find a great deal. This is a free service. If you are interested in getting more than 25% of the flights from the free membership, there is a premium membership option that costs $3 a month. What I really like about the flights is that they are usually for 6 to 9 months in advance, so booking them fits right into my planning nature.

I love getting the emails because they provide a variety of starting points and destinations. It's like a present every time the emails come through, so you will never feel spammed! Only the best deals make it to the emails. These are not your average airfare deals; these deals are incredible.

If you are a premium subscriber, you get all of the emails that are sent out, but you can limit the emails if you wish! When you subscribe for $3 a month, you will be saving money, even if you only bought one flight every ten years. That is a crazy amount of savings!

One last thing, if you are more of the adventurous type, Pomelo Travel is for you! They also offer expeditions, cultural excursions, and internships and volunteer trips! Perfect for the college student!

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Sign up for Pomelo Travel to get started o your cheap travel now!

Why do you travel? Is the cost stopping you?



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