Travel Essentials for the Holiday Season

Travel Gadgets And Accessories For The Holiday Weekend, travel essentials, travel apps

I went live on KUTV2 News This Morning to talk about my travel essentials! Spencer and I were some of the lucky few who were able to snag tickets during the huge sale a couple weeks ago. We are going to Europe next year for half a month and it only cost is $400 each round trip! 

With traveling on my mind, I wanted to round up the best and easiest items and apps to travel with.

• The Anti-theft Classic Crossbody bag (comes in 7 colors). slashing is the #1 method that thieves use to rob unsuspecting travelers. This innovative slash-proof bags contain reinforced panels made from flexible high-tech chainlink stainless steel mesh to counter any attempt at slashing. Of course, no-one would ever guess that such a stylish, well-organized bag could be so tough. 
  • Locking main compartment includes pockets and card slots
  • 2 front flap pockets and a locking zipper pocket
  • Adjustable cut-proof shoulder strap attaches to post or chair
  • Rear zip pocket
  • Removable LED light
  • RFID blocking card slots
This bag is great for traveling any mode of transportation. The plentiful compartments ensure you don’t leave anything behind and can easily access all of your belongings. Carry-ons can be compromised, don’t fall victim to theft when traveling by getting you or a loved one this anti-theft bag for the holidays.

Rather than trusting unreliable restaurant reviews in unfamiliar cities, Get BEEN to see your friends’ restaurant, hotel, and/or local establishment suggestions on all of your travels. Using BEEN you can explore what’s nearby, and discover what your friends recommend, then share your favorite places and show off your expertise. Similar to having a “kitchen cabinet” of trusted reviews to rely on, Get BEEN lets you find new places to go through friends all around the world. Get Been also allows users to import places they have been to on Instagram and Foursquare, to maximize reviews. Download now by searching “Get Been” in the app store!  While you’re in foreign cities this holiday season, don’t waste time or money because you trusted an unreliable online review. 

• Sets of 2 each Soap Sheets. IT is only $10 for 100 sheets! This makes things much easier when flying verses bottles. They are perfect for camping or outdoor adventures, and “just in case”. So whether you’re taking a long car ride with young children or exploring the outdoors, stay clean with soap sheets!
Some people still don’t remember the route to their in-laws house no matter how many times they’ve taken the drive. Rather than wasting all your data getting directions to your travel destination, use Here WeGo. This app provides detailed turn-by-turn directions for over 100 different countries that you can download and access offline, making it a great app to help avoid data fees. Here WeGo also offers directions for various forms of transportation, including car, bike or public transportation and updates prices, traffic conditions, where to park, for any drive. Here WeGo operates in 1300+ cities around the world, in North America, Europe, Australia and more!

Predict. Watch. Buy. Fly. If you plan to travel by plane this holiday season you have to check out the award-winning mobile app, Hopper. This app has big data predictive algorithms that help to users find the best time to buy a plane ticket for any date and destination. Users can watch specific travel options and the app will advise you when the best time to book is. Hopper’s insightful predictions consistently perform with 95% accuracy, and the real humans behind Hopper can help you with your booking. With no ads, spam or popups, Hopper helps travelers choose when to fly and buy to get the lowest fares. You might end up saving enough money for a seat upgrade!


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