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Rex is house-trained, and good with kids, cats, and other dogs.

Thankfully, HSU is a no-kill shelter, so Rex and his other buddies in this post are safe! However, they are all looking for their forever home. When I was thinking about crafting holiday posts leading up to Christmas, the holiday I celebrate with my family, it popped into my mind that I wanted a way to "give-back" through a blogpost. Anyone who knows me, knows of the deep love I have for animals that borders on obsession. I know the true power of animals because they can brighten my day instantly, just by the sight of them.

Now it's our turn to brighten some animals day! Think of the cute things, they are selfless, kind, and pretty naive to what is going on. I feel so terribly that the animals at the Humane Society of Utah have not found their forever homes yet. It breaks my heart that they once knew what being loved by an owner was, only to lose that. 

I urge you, URGE YOU, that if you are planning on getting an animal this holiday season, whether it is as a present, or just as a way to join your home, that you adopt from the Humane Society of Utah. The pets there are kept so comfortable in their waiting process to find new owners. The shelter is clean and warm. The animals are well-fed and walked (and loved!). It is a huge thing to take on for a shelter to be "no-kill". That means that any of the animals that end up in the hands of HSU will never be euthanized because of extended stay. Any dog, cat, rabbit, snake, etc. will be kept healthy until they are adopted. Along with that, HSU often "saves" those animals at shelters that are thinking of putting them down because they have been at their shelter for far too long.

So what are the benefits for you?

- you will make one animal very, very grateful
- every pet that goes to the shelter is spayed/neutered (this will save you on cost)
- the animals have a small adoption fee that is pennies compared to paying for a brand new animal from a litter
- the animal is usually already house trained or house broken
- you get to skip the tumultuous puppy years of training (however, the Humane Society of Utah does on occasion get puppies and young dogs if that is your thing!)
- you will help support the HSU as they save thousands of animal lives

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Other Bloggers Pictured *from left to right*
 (pssssst! go see their posts about the Humane Society of Utah)



  1. Love this post...I love animals so much and frankly I have a zoo at my house with all animals...😊

  2. And we have rescued several animals and chosen many from humane societies to be okay of our family

  3. Not joking I go there 2-3 times a month, because I truly want to adopt all the animals !:)

  4. So happy to see other Utah bloggers spreading the word!! :)


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