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If you have been following along on my adventures on Instagram, then you have definitely heard me talk about H2blow the Blowdry and Makeup Bar in Utah! It is the number one place I go to before photoshoots for Lauryncakes so that I can achieve the perfect look I want for my hair! As someone with a ton of hair and not a lot of talent, it is so nice to have hairstylists that know what they are doing be able to fashion my hair in a look that suits my brand.

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Are you sick of having to do your own hair, or can't achieve the style you are looking for? H2blow the Blowdry and Makeup Bar in Park City, Utah is the place for you! 

They offer hair styling and makeup application for everyday looks, special occasions, and even big events (like your wedding)! Even more, you can rent out the salon for a party or big event with your friends! Can you imagine the bridal party there?!

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They first start by washing your hair using R + Co or Oribe hair products. Typically, the stylist will ask your preference. I like to switch up each time I go there. Oribe is known for their restoritive hair care system, best for color treated or damaged hair. R + Co is known for their wonderful scents and great day-to-day products! I own both at my house and could not say better things about them! Trust me, with my dry scalp condition, I am very careful about the hair lines that I use!

Oh, and of course, the hair washing includes a complimentary scalp (and neck!) massage. If you are in a hurry, the blow dry bar offers a package for styling on already washed and dried hair, so come as you are!

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I have a ton of hair, and the stylists are always the cutest, teaming up to rough dry the hair so that I can be in and out in an hour tops! That hour includes the wash, dry, and styling; I could never do my own hair in that same amount of time! 

What I really like about their salon is the aesthetic. The Park City and the Salt Lake City locations vary in their decor, but they both offer a fun, vibrant, and clean feel that always makes me envious that my own home isn't as cute! (But seriously, look at those hanging blowdryers... aren't those the coolest?!) When you walk in, the stylists always greet promptly, and always, always offer a drink. They pass out Diet Coke in cute little silver bottles, you can't beat that!

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One of the best things about going to H2blow the Blowdry Bar is that I can show the stylist an inspiration photo from Pinterest or Instagram, and they are able to successfully give me the long hairstyle I am going for! This would be impossible to achieve myself; I have the hardest time with my own hair!

As the stylist is working on your hair, they will offer care tips based on what they can tell from your hair habits and health. They also recommend products that would be beneficial from either of the two lines that they carry at the store! That means, if you like a product, you can buy it during your appointment! I also love that they always ask what my needs are, and are sure to ask if there are any products I do not want used on my hair (such as hairspray).

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The salon is a relaxing time, and I always feel pampered and beautiful! It is the perfect confidence boost I need before a photoshoot.

Here are some of the hairstyles I have gotten from H2blow the Blowdry + Makeup Bar:

If you would like to book an appointment, or rent out the salon for a party or event, please contact here:
Redstone at Kimball Junction in Park City Address: 
1678 W Redstone Center Drive #107 Park City, Utah 84098 
Between Orangetheory Fitness and Bed Bath & Beyond 
Phone: 435-575-8800 
Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-7pm, Sun: Noon -4pm 
Open before and after hours upon request.




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