How I Chose to Get Fit & Lose 3% Body Fat

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"Start over as many times as you need to."
Oh, how this advice applies to me and my fitness journey. I'm sure it applies to many of us and our health! If someone were to ask me to pinpoint the healthiest times in my life, I absolutely could. I could give you dates, fitness levels, how many times a week I worked out, my weight, my size, the way I felt. These are memorable moments along my life timeline because I felt strong and capable and confident!

Unfortunately, exercise is easy to neglect. In fact, when life gets busy, it is often the first thing we take for granted and ditch to create more time in our schedule. We all know that we shouldn't though.

Seven weeks ago, Corey Nielsen, a personal trainer from Utah, reached out to me to work together to build my health regimen. We began with a consult to show Corey my movement patterns; to see what my muscle memory was like. After the initial meet-up, Corey established a program for me to begin weightlifting. I meet with the personal trainer three times a week: one day to do push exercises, one day to do pull exercises, one day to do full body.

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I have now been meeting with Corey Nielsen for six weeks of the weight training program. We just began our seventh week! Over the course of those 6 weeks, I did two separate "programs" for three weeks each. That means that each week I was doing the same exercises on days 1, days 2, and days 3 (depending on if it was a push, pull, or full body day). Each day I would record the weight and reps from those weight lifting routines; the goal was to beat last week, ALWAYS!

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A few of the GAINS and WINS from the first 6 weeks:
  1.  I started out unable to do squats because of my "bad foot". Due to a (talonavicular fusion) surgery that never healed, the movement in my right ankle prevented my ability to do squats. I was able to work up to squatting 95 pounds in those weeks!
  2. I upped my water intake to 50 oz a day. This is still short of the amount I should really be intaking daily. However, 50 ounces of water is far more than the zero ounces of water I was drinking daily! Before, I was pure Diet Pepsi!
  3. I lost 3% of my body fat!
  4. I lost an inch everywhere besides my arms for a total of about 7 inches everywhere!
  5. I learned that it feels SO GOOD to be working on my health

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A Few Tips That Have Helped Me
  1. Schedule your workouts ahead of time, put them in your calendar, and never cancel. I have put my workouts into my calendar a month in advance. This keeps me from making up the busy excuse, and I know exactly when to expect them. This means I can't come home from work and decide I am too tired to go because I have had these plans for a month! If you absolutely must cancel, be sure to immediately replace that workout with another one later that week.
  2. Carry around a water bottle. This causes me to drink water, even when I am not thirsty, out of habit! It also makes it so that I can always quench my thirst immediately without breaking concentration on the other work I am currently focusing on.
  3. Track your wins! It is so important to celebrate every little goal and gain. This will provide a feeling of success and will be a continuous motivation throughout the workout journey.
  4. Listen to your body, but don't listen to your mind. Your body can do amazing things! It can actually endure longer than you think. Your mind may say that you can't do one more rep, but your body actually can. Your body will tell you when it is time to stop at exhaustion so that it won't get hurt.
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If you are interested in working out with a personal trainer, call Corey! He can develop a plan that is perfect for your goals and your needs. If you are wanting someone to develop this plan for you, but you are located outside the Salt Lake City Valley, Corey also trains people via an app! He can create programs for you, train you, and coach you all while you attend your own gym.



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  13. I am so happy for you. It really takes determination. I started working out again about two months ago. This past week I haven't done so well. It is so hard when your body and mind tell you no. I am going to continue to push myself. This article was very encouraging for me. Thank you for sharing


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