The Only Matte Lipstick I'll Buy

I received these lipsticks in exchange for review, but all opinions are my own. 
I would never recommend a product to my readers I didn't TRULY believe in!
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Maybe it is just me, but I am so damn sick and tired of hearing about that one huge lipstick company ruling the market right now. I personally tried that product and didn't find the love affair happening that many talk about. As a result, I was a woman on a mission to find the perfect lipstick that looked good, smelt good, and felt good. While searching, I found Dame Cosmetics, a company founded in Provo, Utah, with a boss lady (Candace Roach) who makes small batches of lipstick by hand!
Not only do I LOVE the hustle of Candace (she recently quit her day job to follow her passion), but I adore the makeup she makes!

There are lipsticks with a satin finish and there are liquid lippy in matte colors! Lipsticks aren't the only product you can find at Dame; they also carry primer, foundation, powder, blush, and eye makeup! Even better than the selection (and perhaps my favorite part): a percentage of every sale goes back to the community in the form of charity donations and scholarships. It would be wonderful to know you are supporting a woman with her dream working in cosmetics, a woman with her education, and a woman (yourself) feel her prettiest! As an educator, I highly encourage ladies to apply for this $500 scholarship!

I tired four different colors; two different lipstick finishes. From the Liquid Matte collection, I tried The Sophia and The Jane. The Sophia Liquid Matte Lip is a fuchsia shade of pink with a blue undertone (this means it looks good on olive skin tone that has reds). The Jane is a darker shade of pink in a mauve color, which also has blue undertones (again, great for medium skin tones). Of the lipstick collection with satin finishes, I tried the LAPUA and the special edition Hot Mama! LAPUA is a bronze nude color-- something that every girl should carry in her makeup bag as it looks fabulous and chic when going out.  Hot Mama came out for Mother's Day and is a peachy coral that will give you the perfect red pout. Of all the lipsticks, I loooooove the matte colors the most because of their ease and glide when applying, their soft scent, and their beautiful, unpolished look! Of the two matte lippies, The Jane has my heart! I debuted the lip color on my InstaStories last night and had an overwhelmingly positive response to the shade. You HAVE to try out that color, and with the discount code found below, the lipsticks are less than $15.

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Use the code lauryncakes to receive 20% off your order now through May 31, 2017! That makes any of the lipsticks from Dame Cosmetics less than $15!

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  8. Pretty! Love the "hot mama" color!

    xo, Kristina

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    xxx Hanna Isabelle

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    Stephanie //

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