The Perfect Pool Party: 5 Ideas for Summer 2017

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It's time to celebrate summer, and what a better way to do that than to host an outdoor pool party for your friends! I teamed up with Kingdom & State, Swim Outlet, Greg Baker the photographer, and my 3 besties (who also blog!) to show you what a real get together needs!
First, let me introduce you to my favorite girls-- I text one or all of them at least once a day! We love sharing tips, venting, and getting together to hang out. Kirstin Davis is a California native (yes, we loooove to connect on that! Did you know I went to junior high and high school in Southern California?), who blogs about fashion and has killer style at Wild One Forever. Next is Anna, who has the Instagram A Mermaid Diary who was raised in Argentina and is probably the hottest (and kindest) mama I know! Violeta is an influencer over at Just Another Insta Gal who is a fellow #bossbabe and is just as smart as she is hilarious and fierce.

Now, onto the goooood stuff! 
Here are 5 tips to make your summer pool party unforgettable.

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1. Offer all the pool necessities. Without a doubt, someone will forget something! In order to make sure you are catering to the needs of your visitors, have a cart full of items they may need. Sunscreen (I am loving Coola SPF 30), extra swim towels, new hair ties (these plastic scrunchies are my new obsession), a pack of gum, lip balm, body lotion (my family always uses Maui Babe After Browning Lotion), and insect repellant are all items you may want to provide! 

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2. The party doesn't have to end when the sun goes down! Spruce up your backyard with lanterns and bulb string lights for a nighttime festivity. There is nothing like a swim under the moonlight with friends! If you want to make the party epic, throw (unbroken) glow sticks in the pool or add them to balloons that are floating in the pool.

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3. Be sure to have the drinks! If you want to make sure your guests feel as comfortable as possible, always have beverages on hand to quench their thirst! Keep them in a cooler with ice, or for an even more adorable look, put them in a bucket of ice.

4. Have the perfect playlist. Music at a party is a must! This can get people dancing, keep the energy going, and make silences less awkward. One of my favorite playlists for upbeat tunes is the Dance Workout Playlist on Spotify.

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5. Have the snacks. When there is swimming involved, your guaranteed to have some hungry gal pals! Be prepared by having quick and easy finger foods. Some favorites include chips and guacamole, pizza bites, fruit, mini sandwiches, and any type of skewers.


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