My Favorite Nutrients and Supplements for Working Out

This post is sponsored by RuckPack and BrandBacker. However, all opinions are my own. I only recommend products I would suggest to my best friends and family.

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Fitness and health have become a part of my daily life these past few months! I have shared with you how I lost 3% body fat and how I lost 7 and 1/2 inches all over in two separate blog posts detailing my workout experience. Getting fit not only requires a good athletics routine, but also the right food intake and supplements! I have been using RuckPack in my weight lifting routine and swear by them. 
Today, I have teamed up with RuckPack to tell you why you need them in your life as well -- plus a discount code!

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Here are the seven nutritional supplements I use from RuckPack (mostly pictured above, except for the Speedball drinks!):

1. NATURAL ATHLETE PROTEIN, VANILLA: This is a whey protein product that consists of whey from grass-fed cows. It tastes delicious, doesn't clump when mixed, is free of hormones, and is sweetened with Stevia. I use this after workouts (and sometimes as a meal replacement) for an easier muscle recovery (whey protein gives your muscles the amino acids they need to repair muscle tissue).

2. NATURAL ATHLETE SERIES VITAMIN D3 SPRAY (VEGAN): Are you a woman? Do you live in an area that has darker winters? Chances are, you are low in vitamin D! Studies have shown that having Vitamin D sufficiency is key in muscle function! According to RuckPack, "increasing levels of vitamin D reduce inflammation, pain, and myopathy while increasing muscle protein synthesis, ATP concentration, strength, jump height, jump velocity, jump power, exercise capacity, and physical performance." I personally love this product because the bottle is easy to transport in my purse, and I can spray it on anything without adding any strange taste (I also hate taking huge vitamin pills)!

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3. REFIT BCAA PLUS: This orange-flavored powder drink can compliment a pre-workout drink before, or during your fitness routine! The BCCAs block the uptake of tryptophan to the brain, which means a longer lasting workout and less fatigue! This particular product helps with oxygenation, which leads to a quicker recovery as well.

4. REFIT HYDRATION: This is a great after-workout drink to refuel your body with essential vitamins and rehydrate with a formula made to help absorb electrolytes. In fact, I had the stomach bug the other day and used this canned drink (that's low in calories) to help keep my body feeling hydrated! The carbonation also helped to ease my stomach cramps. 

5. NATURAL ATHLETE SUPERGREEN: It tastes better than any plant you've ever tried with a vanilla chai flavoring! This is like packing a bunch of veggies into a smaller serving! The Supergreen is full of natural ingredients from plants that are essential to sustaining life. They have been found to boost the immune system, clarity, focus, and energy. Supergreen also contains digestive enzymes and probiotic cultures found in plants. I like to take this for breakfast-- smoothie style!

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6. SPEEDBALL, (FRUIT PUNCH AND SWEET CITRUS): These delicious drinks (not pictured) are easy to take on the go, low in calories, and perfect for those looking for energy and focus. They are nootropics, which means that they boost memory, focus, energy, mood, cognitive functioning, mind-muscle communication, and help fight fatigue. I LOVE the taste of the fruit punch! This is an energy drink that can be taken before workouts, before the work day, or if you're just looking for a boost during the day. It's unlike other energy drinks because it doesn't cause my heart to race, shakiness, or cause for alarm. It's full of electrolytes doing their job!

7. ENERGY SHOTS: If you're looking for an on-the-go and easy way to feel pumped to workout, then the 3oz energy shots are what you need! These are also nootropics, like the Speedball drink mentioned above! You can get these energy shots in 120 mg or 240 mg of caffeine. I like to take these in my purse or backpack. Drink only half at first to test how much you'll need!

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RuckPack has helped me make huge gains in my workouts and recoveries! Adding them to my life has changed my fitness levels completely. Now that you have been schooled in all that is available for your workouts, what do you feel like is missing from yours?! I know that I needed a recovery aid, and somedays, I needed a workout fuel! If you have any questions regarding the products, feel free to ask me in the comments! You can also use the discount code below to order your own nutrition from RuckPack

Use the code TAKE20 to get 20% off your RuckPack purchase!

Thank you to RuckPack and BrandBacker for sponsoring this post. Please note, all opinions are my own. I only recommend products I would suggest to my best friends and family.



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