My Final Review of Microneedling with PRP: After 3 Treatments

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You've heard of microneedling before. Yes, even you shaking your head. You may have heard it called other names, such as vampire facial (well that might be interesting...). You may have heard of the facial from Kim K and her squad (no? You don't keep up with the Kardashians?). You may have heard it called collagen induction therapy. If it is still not ringing a bell, you're in the right place-- a learning space ;) Today we are going to talk all about the benefits, the why's, and the how-to's of microneedling with PRP (platelet rich plasma). I recently went through three treatments of the facial over the course of three months at FORM Spa, and now I am here to present you with the results. Pics or it didn't happen!

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If you are still sitting there wondering what it is, I want you to ask yourself, "why didn't I read Lauryn's last blogpost about microneedling at FORM Spa?" Honestly, are we even friends? If you didn't read it, you missed out on that one time I accidentally made a huge spelling error and typed lobotomist instead of phlebotomist. (Yeah, there are no brain surgeries happening during this facial!) Want to catch more of my typos? Read on. You should also read on if you want to find out how you can get a discount at FORM spa!

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Form Spa has a cute makeup counter in their office! They carry a lot of natural products
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This is the microneedling pen used to create thousands of tiny punctures during the facial

If you're still wondering what this treatment is, I want you to head back over to the previous post I wrote about microneedling, PRP, the pain level, and why to get it done. This time, were moving on to some deeper questions (and answers!) like: 

- What skin problems can this help with?
- What are the after effects?
- How many treatments do I need?
- What does it look like a couple days, a week, and a month after treatments?

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Medical spas are now doing a "vampire facial" to give your skin a more youthful look by producing collagen, plasma facial, vampire facial

Skin Problems: If you have sensitive skin that it always overreacting, like mine, then microneedling is a great treatment for you! By puncturing the skin, it forces the epidermis to become stronger. Your skin reacts by sending platelets and new skin cells to repair the wound. Platelets (found in blood) are what hold your skin together after a cut. The new blood cells form a thicker, tougher skin in order to prevent more injuries. This is great news for sensitive skin or acne prone skin! I personally received the treatment in hopes that I could minimize the look of my acne scars. Check out the (un-retouched) photos at the end of the post to see just how well the treatment worked!

Number of Treatments: This is entirely up to you and your doctor. Some say to go once a year after the age of 25. Some may tell you that you need multiple treatments in a short period of time to "catch-up". My doctor and master esthetician at FORM Spa both looked at my face and recommended the three treatments to counter-act the dull skin, acne spots, and uneven skin tone. Treatments are an average of $440-2000 per time, so if you want to go for less, it's better than none! Definitely listen to what the doc says, though, if you're truly looking for results. They want you to leave happy!

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The After Effects: The before and after photos in this post speak for themselves! I show a comparison from before treatment one to after treatment three on my acne scars. I also show comparison photos of the week following the treatment. This wasn't something that I needed photos to see a difference in, either. I could tell that my skin was happier and healthier just by looking in the mirror! The first few hours after the treatment, your face may have a slight tight feeling. This is due to the drying plasma, as well as your skin reacting to the "wound" and healing itself. Your face will remain red (kind of like a sunburn) for 12-24 hours. FORM spa has an excellent microneedling pen that reduces the redness and downtime. I was able to go out and about later that night, and the next day, it appeared only as if I had gotten some extra sun. Speaking of UV rays, you'll want to be extra diligent in getting sunscreen on your face post-treatmeant! After a week, you will have baby-soft skin that appearers clearer and less dull.

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Why you should be preventing aging, and how to ask for the right facial at your medical spa , beauty blogger, age prevention

Are you still wondering about getting this therapy? What are your reservations? I would love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below!

Do you like what you see? Head into FORM Medical Spa in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, tell them Lauryn Hock or Lauryncakes sent you, and you will receive 10% off any service that you get that day! Call 801-513-FACE to set up an appointment.



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