Tricks to Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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First things first, let's all remember that it is called Nordstrom. The store should only have an s on the end if it is accompanied with an apostrophe to signify ownership. Here are two sentences to show how it works:
"We went to Nordstrom the other day to shop the Anniversary sale."
"I love Nordstrom's selection of purses for the Anniversary sale!"

Get it? Got it! GOOD.
As a former Nordie employee, nothing makes my eye-twitch more than when it is called Nordstroms. Bleh. Now to the juicy sale details! (annnnnd some dressing room pics of my favorite items!)

**I am going to the store to shop today, so be on the lookout for an updated post here with my favorite items from the sale, and check out my Instagram and InstaStories today for a peek!**

Dates to Remember
Level 4 Access: July 12 12:01 am PST
Early Access: July 13- July 20 at 12:01 am PST
Public Access: July 21- August 6 12:01 am PST

Get the Card
If you want to have 8 (yes, count them, e i g h t) extra days to shop the sale before the general public, you need to have a Nordstrom card! You can have a credit card through Nordstrom, or you can link your bank account and get a Nordstrom debit card (this is no longer an option, unless you already have a debit card). Want the card? You can apply for the Nordstrom Credit Card here.

Think Ahead
The biggest thing to know about the #NSale is that the items that are being sold are mostly fall related. There are the occasional items that are for the current season. This sale is the time to grab pre-season clothing such as jackets, pants, and shoes! You'll have the items before anyone else to stay on-trend, and you will get a better deal than if you buy them later on! Think about what you will want for the fall/winter and make a list of items you will need. Take the list in with you to the store or keep it nearby when you shop online. You should also look at the catalog online or that was sent in the mail and make a list of items you want!

Know What to Buy
Besides making your own list of items to purchase, you should know the clothing that Nordstrom is famous for selling during the Anniversary!

  1. denim
  2. beauty
  3. shoes
  4. purses
  5. basics and underwear
  6. school clothes for the kids
  7. fall jackets

Early Access
Early Access is for Nordstrom cardholders only. Early Access is from July 13 - July 20. If you visit the stores, you will notice large white tents around the shopping areas. Inside the tents, Anniversary Sale items are on the floor! In order to enter the tent, you will have to show your card. You can shop online during this time if you have early access. The good news is, if you aren't a card member, you can still look at the catalog and see the items online, but you won't be able to save them for later or check out.

Keep Going Back
Last year there was a jacket from Blank NYC I wanted so bad. The first time I went to get it, it was already sold out in my size. The second time I successfully got it in my cart, but it sold out as soon as I went to check out. The moral of the story, the items come back in stock often. I was able to score the item by going back and checking online! If you haven't found success doing that, you can head to your local store and see if they have it in stock. Find a store near you by typing in your City, State, or Zip here.

Call Customer Service
Now, the CS workers may hate you for this, but you can call them and tell them about the item you wanted being sold out. If it continues to be sold out for the duration of the sale, they will *typically* honor the sale price for you for when it comes back in stock after the sale ends.

Free Shipping and Free Returns
As a Nordstrom employee, I haaaaaated returns because that meant my commission could be docked for up to a year after someone's purchase. As a customer of Nordstrom, I loooooooove the return policy because it gives me peace of mind. Shop online without the hassle, buy two sizes if you're unsure, and return for a full refund and no shipping fee. Bookmark this link here to start your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping!



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