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Self-care, self-care, self-care. You know you have heard me talk about it before on this blog. I really believe in taking care of your self in order to present your best self. Now, I can't say that I like daily upkeep, because really, who likes doing their hair and makeup everyday? Going to bi-weekly, or even monthly, appointments to keep my beauty and maintenance in check and keep my daily routines to a minimum. I have been visiting Glamour Gels Beauty Bar for the past year and love that it is a "one-stop-shop" for what I need!

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Get Your Hair + Makeup Done

For me (and all your other long hair or thick hair girls), having styled hair takes upwards of an hour from drying to curling. Going into Glamour Gels and getting my hair washed and styled by someone is like heaven on Earth!  Sometimes I feel like I am just too busy to worry about spending time on my curls, but the stylists are trained to work with me typing away at my computer or phone answering emails or writing posts. Work and play at the same time, a yes in my book! Plus, the salon carries Oribe and R + Co products, which are A-listers in my book. If you're looking for a fun bachelorette party, a wedding look, or your prom dazzler, look no further.
PRO TIP: Come with a book, magazine, or emails so you can multitask! It also helps to bring a hairstyle or makeup photo example from Pinterest you would like to recreate.

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Get Your Nails Done

One of the best kept secrets of Glamour Gels is their gel nail formula! My polish never chips (it grows out before I need a repaint), my nails feel stronger with them on, and they come in amazing colors! GG develops a special formula of gel that is painted on like regular polish, and cured like shellac. Even better, you can customize your color or have the technicians  use their expert artistry to pain a fun design. The salon offers traditional manicures and pedicures as well! 
PRO TIP: Ask the technician to focus on your cuticles! Be sure to come back to the salon for $5 nail removal, as other salons don't know how to handle their gel formula and may butcher your nail beds!

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Get a Facial

I stopped in for a Classic Facial the last time I was in the store, which included one hour of steam, cleansing, moisturizing, and even a hand massage! I couldn't get enough of it, and my face was radiant after (see the NO MAKEUP selfie above for proof. Glamour Gels also offers Microneedling, which you have definitely been informed about on my blog before, and may have heard it called a 'vampire facial'.

Get Your Lash Extensions and Eyebrow Waxing

Lash extensions give me life! If you're not a daily makeup wearer (like me, out of laziness and skin sensitivity) then lashes should be your friend. I love going to Kylee at the salon because she does beautiful work that is gentle on my sensitive eyes! For a few weeks, I can say, "I woke up like this!" and feel ready for the day without having to do more than wash my face. along with that, the salon has an eyebrow wax and shaping expert (she was trained by Anastasia Beverly Hills) that is sure to get your brows on fleek and looking full, but in control. 
PRO TIP: Get your lashes filled bi-weekly for a discount, but definitely fill them every three weeks! Be prepared for not being able to check your phone for 1+ hours, as your eyes must remain closed.

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Get Your Shop On

Of course, it wouldn't be a complete trip without a new outfit. I adore all the designers and brands that Glamour Gels Beauty Bar carries (including my FAVE Yumi Kim that I wore last New York Fashion Week). The dressing room is adorable and perfect for #dressingroomselfies! If you can't make it into the Salon (located in Utah), you can always shop the clothing and accessories online!

Use the code LAURYN10 for 10% off when you shop online!

*** BONUS! This weekend you can get 30% off in-store on summer items ***

I partnered with Glamour Gels Beauty Bar for this post, but I have been honest with my review!
 If you shop online and use my discount code, I may receive commission.



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  11. This place looks amazing! Seriously a one stop shop for everything! I will def have to check out!

    Sarah Lindner

    1. Hi Sarah! This is Michelle, owner of Glamour Gels. We would love to have you the next time you're in Utah!!

  12. Love having you in the salon EVERY SINGLE TIME! You're a light and so fun to be around! Love this!


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