Why you Should go to New York Fashion Week

new york fashion week venue, NYFW, skylight clarkson
Out side the Skylight Clarkson venue at New York Fashion Week

"So, why do you go to Fashion Week?" <----- probably the number one question I have been asked
by friends, family, and my community since arriving back home.
Let me break it all down for you...

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What is Fashion Week?

The best way for me to explain Fashion Week to non-enthusiasts is that it is the SuperBowl of fashion. Not an American football fan? Think of this week long style marathon as the World Cup instead. New York Fashion Week is a part of a series of fashion weeks that all add up to Fashion Month. They happen twice a year: every September (showing the spring/summer looks for the next year) and every February (showing the fall/winter looks for the next year). The runway shows start in New York, then London, heading to Milan and lastly Paris. Each city is known for their different type of style or designers that will showcase their looks on the runways.

hairstyles 2017, hair trends, curled hair
I was able to get my hair done by TRESemme, who was sponsoring Fashion Week, when I went to the Skylight Clarkson venue!
They said that the hair of the season is beach waves, the undone curls, and braid crowns.

What happens at Fashion Week?

Designers have spent an entire season creating a new collection of clothing that will inspire their looks (and trends) of the upcoming seasons. During the week, there are independent designers that show at locations around the city, put on by their own team. There are also designers that hire one of maybe six PR teams that hels them put on the show at the Skylight Clarkson and The Gallery at The Dream sponsored by Lexus (formally put on by Mercedes Benz). For a little longer than seven days, there are runway shows upon runways shows that buyers, influencers, magazine editors, and fashion industry leaders go and observe. Along with that, there are many events, parties, and brand meetings.

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Why do bloggers/influencers go to Fashion Week?

There are many reasons why we go to Fashion Week, but a few of those reasons feel more important to me than the rest. For one, it is a huge, HUGE, networking opportunity. While there, I was able to accidentally meet an LA magazine editing team on a train to a show, talk to brands that I have worked with in the past face to face and build our relationship, have dinner with PR agencies that manage designers and brands from around the world, see and brush up against countless celebrities, and even get "caught" by a street style cameras. Networking is a ginormous part of the week, for everyone! Another reason why it is important for influencers to attend is the ability to preview the looks for upcoming seasons, predicting what will be trendy and what they can market to their community of readers. Of course, going to parties and events is a great runner-up to the last two reasons people attend New York Fashion Week.

new york skylight clarkson building, new york city, new york fashion week

What happens once the New York Fashion Week is over?

If all is said and done right, everyone will go home with new contacts, fresh content, better ideas, and a head start on the fashion scene. Once the week is over, those in the fashion industry either prepare for the next city and jet off to the Fashion Week there, or go home and ice their feet and decompress!

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Have you ever been to any of the Fashion Weeks? I would love to hear about your experience!



  1. This is such a great post! It is always so hard to articulate why NYFW is so awesome!

  2. Love your dress and your hair looks amazing! I've never been to fashion week , it sounds so fun but so crazy!

  3. You look fabulous ! Love your dress and hair !!

  4. Someday I'll make it to NYFW!! Love this look!

  5. I want to go so badly, I was invited last year and couldn't get work off...one day!


  6. Wowwa!!!! I am obsessed with your hair and that dress!!!!! You are gorgeous!!


  7. I want to go SO bad! Definitely want to make it happen this spring!

    xo Laura Leigh

  8. I so wanted to go, but wasn't able to make it work this year!! Hoping to go next year! PS LOVE your dress!!

  9. this dress is so pretty! i need to go to NYFW next year!

    cute & little

  10. I went to my first fashion week and it was so much fun! So glad I went.

    April | www.thebluehydrangeas.com

  11. By far the best breakdown of Fashion Week meaning I have seen!! Having not ever been and REALLY wanting to go, I can appreciate this!! PS you look AMAZING!

  12. I loved reading this post. New York Fashion Week is a dream of mine for sure, and I love how you broke it down so everyone could understand why it's a big deal. It's definitely my version of the Super Bowl and World Cup rolled all up into one awesome experience. So far I've only watched the shows online, but it's been amazing to even just see that little window into Fashion Week, plus all you bloggers that went gave a really cool new perspective on it. Thanks for sharing this!!!

  13. Thanks to tell us why about going New York Fashion. Really it is big deal. Thinks for sharing this. Everyone must keep going New York Fashion and using Liquid Matte Lipstick.


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