A Gift Guide for Him

You've seen the gift guide for the professional woman and the best electronics of 2017, now it's time for gifts for him! Celebrate the men in your life with some of these timeless items.

Leather Watch: In my husband's opinion, a watch is one of the best gifts ever! Since men typically don't wear jewelry, they use their watch to accessorize! Our personal favorite brand (that you can get quality watches without breaking the bank) is Nixon!

Nasa Shirt: This graphic tee will go over well with anyone! It has been trending for a hot minute, so pick it up before it goes out of stock.

Running Shoes: Get around in style with these highly rated sneakers! They come in a variety of colors, but I personally love the gray.

Baseball Cap: The men in your life are sooo over the flat brim caps and are looking for the ageless and timeless original baseball hat. My husband loves this one.

Button-Up Dress Shirt: Men cannot get enough of these shirts! They are good for work and dress-up occasions. Bring the classy back by getting your male counterpart one of his own button-up shirts.

Leather Belt: Just like dress shirts, you can never have too many belts! A good leather belt can complete an outfit.

Cashmere Sweater: These long-sleeve tops are great for layering over a collared shirt or wearing out on casual days. Available for Amazon Prime members only!

High-Top Boots: This taller version of ankle boots are more popular than ever-- especially for men! Get free shipping and returns on this pair of Cole Haan men's boots.

Dress Pants: A good pair of pants can be tough to find, but these plaid ones are even more rare! Free shipping... and low on stock. Order them fast!

Zip-Up Sweater: This is one of my husband's favorite clothing items in his closet! It looks great with any work or casual outfit. Available for Amazon Prime members only (sorry, folks)!



  1. I have no idea what to get my hubby! Love this list! Those boots are everything. *heart eyes*


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