Electronic Gift Guide

Tech gifts are some of the best ones to give this year! Everyone wants to be in the know. I have round up some of my favorite technology items this year that are sure to make your life easier or more luxurious!

1. Amazon Echo Look: This is such a cool device! The Echo Look has the capabilities to take full length photos of your outfits (when you ask it to)! You can then upload two different outfits, and the smart technology compares the styles based on body type, trends, and colors to tell you which suits you better! You can also keep track of your looks so that you know how often you are wearing a piece. Hurry to et this now, as you have to request to be put on a waitlist for the product.

2. DJI Mavic Pro Drone: Everyone wants a drone for those fantastic birds-eye view photos and videos! Although a bit pricey, if you're buying for a photographer, videographer, or creative, you cannot go wrong with this gift! Imagine the travel vlogs you can put together with this drone!

3. Instax Camera: This version of the camera comes with a self-shot mirror to capture the perfect selfies! A new-age take on Polaroid, this mini camera takes photos and instantly prints them out... you'll have miniature Polaraids developed in minutes.

4. Portable Charging Bank: My portable charger has saved me a million times, especially while traveling! I love the sleek look of this version and that it delivers one full charge to an iPhone!

5. Clocky the Moving Alarm Clock: Have a friend or family member that struggles to wake up? This alarm clock rolls off whatever surface it is on and forces the person to follow it in order to turn it off. Instantly warmed up and woken up for the day!

6. Wide Angle Phone Lens: For the adventurer and phone picture-taker! This clip on lens allows the phone to take wide-angle photos to get more of the horizon in the picture while also boosting the clarity!

7. Key Finder: Another tech tool to make life easier-- especially for the forgetful friend or spouse. Place a receiver on your keyring, press a button, and a loud beep will help you to locate your lost keys!

8. Shower Head Speaker: Are you a singer as soon as you hit the showers? This waterproof shower head has bluetooth capabilities so that you can listen to music  and podcasts from your phone, connect to the news or radio, and sing a long! This is on sale for less than $40 right now!



  1. Okay... I want that Echo Look for myself! What a great round up.


    Lauren | mylifeaslaurr.com

  2. This list is so great! Love it babe - thanks for sharing!

  3. a portable charger is always a good gift idea!


  4. So cool, I love that showerhead. It's very fun and i would definitely use it! ;)

  5. Wait I have never heard of the Echo look! What a cool little gadget!

  6. The shower head speaker is probably the coolest thing I have ever seen!!!

  7. That clip on phone lens is speaking to my heart! Thanks so much for sharing!

    xo, Sara

  8. So many good picks, adding all to my wishlist now haha! I want the Echo Look! Maybe it can take my OOTDs lol! I added myself to the list, but who knows when I'll get approved!

  9. I need that key finder in my life!

  10. Need the Echo look! It would help with getting ready for photos!

  11. This is such a creative gift guide. My husband would like several of them for sure. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Lindsay & Whitney


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