Getting Botox Therapy for TMJ and Jaw Pain Relief

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Botox, for your jaw?! I was skeptical at first, too. I actually heard about the route for TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) when I was going in to get a facial. I asked for an ibruprofen and talked about how I had recently had a crown put on one of my molars. My bottom left molar had cracked from continuous grinding and jaw clenching at night! Now my tooth nerve was trying to recover, and it was having a hard time with my jaw clenching when I slept. One of the assistants at Trilogy Med Spa that was listening to my pity party mentioned that she had recently gotten botox for her TMJ and now her jaw felt like heaven! I was so interested, that I went home and did some research before booking an appointment.

before and after photo of botox for TMJ, before and after photo of botox in jaw, TMJ botox therapy
Before (left) and after (right) of Botox treatment in jaw for TMJ pain relief

The Cons
Before any med spa appointment, I always research what I am going to be getting done in order to understand and know what to expect from the treatment. My first search is typically is for the bad side effects. Here is what I found online (I will highlight any of the side-effects I experienced myself):

- headache immediately after
- flu-like symptoms
- temporary eye-lid droop
- respitory infection
- redness at spot injection
- bruising
- antibodies can form to render the TMJ botox treatment useless over time
- Double vision
- excessive muscle weakness
- hoarse voice
- difficulty speaking

Overall, I only had one symptom, and that was a headache after treatment. It's tough to know if that is correlation or causation, though. The above symptoms haven't happened to me on any of the times that I received botox for my "11" lines on my forehead, so I was pretty positive they wouldn't show up for my jaw treatment. The only other con would be the cost of upkeep. I'll go into that later.

The Pros
Of course, the treatment wouldn't be worth getting if there wasn't an upside or two! Here are the pros that I have since getting botox in my masseter muscle:

- pain relief in my jaw
- ability to open mouth wider
- less jaw clicking
- less distress to my teeth and dental work
- a heart-shaped face with less of a round face look

results from Botox in the jaw, botox in masseter muscle, botox for tight muscle
Before (left) and after (right) of Botox treatment in jaw for TMJ pain relief

The Treatment
Botox cost is calculated on the number of units you receive. In Utah, each unit ranges from $8-15. That means that if you get 15 units at $10, the treatment will be $150. Botox is said to last anywhere between 3-6 months. This depends entirely on how your body breaks down the drug. This can only be found out through personal trial. Getting the injection is easy! You feel a small prick when the needle goes in, and that is it. With the jaw, there are usually several injection sites on both sides of the face with a small needle. The goal is to get the masseter muscle to relax, and that requires botox in several places. It takes about seven days for the Botox to kick in, and 3 weeks to see the results. Some people report results as soon as two days after, but my experience with Botox has always been seven days.

26-year-old received Botox injections, botox injections, preventative botox
Before (left) and after (right) of Botox treatment in jaw for TMJ pain relief

My Thoughts
I would absolutely recommend this treatment to someone looking for a way to alleviate the pain cause by tension in the jaw. I have found myself having less headaches, and I don't wake myself up in the middle of the night from biting down on my teeth. It has offered me better sleep and a better waking hours with less time spent thinking about my face hurting! I could definitely use a bit more Botox this round to get complete pain relief, but I want to err on the side of caution with Botox therapy. I do plan on going back in to get a second round of treatment when this Botox wears off!

Have questions? I have answers (or I can ask the professionals)! Leave me a comment below and I will answer ASAP!

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  1. I have TMJ and my dentist told me it was something I have to live with. Maybe I will give this a try! Thanks for posting!


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  7. First of all I'm so glad you found a treatment that works for your TMJ! I don't have it (that I know of) however, there is so many benefits to botox I"ve been reading about that I've highly considered it! Thanks for sharing your experience, I love reading about it and it'sgood to see how great you look since there's a misconception about faces looking too frozen after treatment, yours looks very natural! x

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