Beauty Comes in All Sizes

I'll admit, when I first saw this picture of Sophia Bush, I thought she had the right idea.
I may have even shouted a quiet "hell yeah!"
But maybe I was wrong.
Yeah I said it, I was wrong.
Take it in because that is the last time you'll hear me say that- ever!
It wasn't until I was reading my girl Mikell's blog over at Love & Such that I realized how wrong I could be. Before I tell you why, I think you should know that back story.

Back story: Urban Outfitters created a shirt the says "eat less" and had it modeled by a skinny lady. Sophia Bush spoke up, created her 0 is not a size shirt, and wrote a letter (posted on her blog as well) that Urban Outfitters should publicly apologize and donate to a women's foundation for eating disorders.

My Thoughts: I agree, to some degree. Urban Outfitters should have thought more carefully about the shirt that they made. It conveys the wrong idea that skinny means beautiful, and in some way could promote eating disorders. On the other hand, Sophia's shirt conveys the wrong message as well. She makes the assumption that size 0 means that the person has an eating disorder. I can understand where her thought process came from, but in order to include all women, she should have made a shirt claiming "all sizes are beautiful". The reason that her shirt could be promoting the wrong idea? Well, although I may not be one of these girls (I was probably a size 0 around the age of 11, always have been a sturdy girl), I know plenty of girls that eat just as much, if not more, than me. Yet, these girls are naturally thin. Just like some women put on weight easily, some women cannot physically gain weight. It may seem like a dream to be one of these girls, but I know a few that actually hate it. I heard one story from a friend that she would never even go to swim parties for fear of looking too gross and thin in her swim suit.  This is real, people. Although I always complain about my butt being too big and my jeans being tight, I have a good friend that always worries about her jeans not fitting tight enough on her skinny butt. Just like I may feel too fat in that one dress, some other lady may be feeling too skinny in hers. + I respect those feelings. You know why?
Because beauty comes in all sizes.
Consider that next time you judge.

Ever had a strange experience where someone told you to "stop eating" because they were worried about you gaining weight? What about someone asking you if you needed "more food" because they view you as too skinny? Tell me below!
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  1. Kudos for posting this! i was NEVER a single digit size growing up and yet I was thin. But I ALWAYS felt big and ugly - but at 5'10" a double digit was not fatalistic as some might think. I wish I knew now what I knew then (wouldn't that be a great country song? lol is :) )


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