On Being a Princess& Stuff.

Saturday night my man Spence took me out to a fancy din at the roof.
We dressed up.
We laughed.
We snuggled.
&stuffed our faces.

He even went to go grab me some food, because with my foot surgery I am kinda useless, 
and when he was gone, some flowers were delivered to the table.

Ya, I am a princess.
That sounds bold.
But he definitely treats me like such.
& I know sometimes I can be demanding.
I fit the part.

Anyway, I feel lucky and in love.

Also, thought you guys might enjoy this:
Spencer and I like to play this game.
no, not that kind of game.
we like to people watch.
& we give people fitting names and make up these life stories for them.
We get a huge kick out of it.
The best people are old people.
Because they deserve names like Merle or Fran. & you can make up funny love stories or thought processes that they are having. 
I can't think of a funny one rights now, but you should try it sometime.
h i l a r i o u s.

Do you ever people watch?

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  1. How cute are you two! I need to find me a boy like this :) does he have any friends? lol
    xo T

    1. Tori, if you're ever in Utah, I'll hook ya up girl. He's got cute friends:)


  2. You two look amazing! I love how dolled up you both got for an evening out. Sounds like you guys have a wonderful time together! :)

    xo Elle


    1. Oh thank you!! We try to keep some nights special!


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