We like to crash weddings, Chris Daughtry style.

It is kind of a running joke with Spencer's friends that rockers like Daughtry are... well... a joke. 
They make fun of it every chance they get to see the guys with their stupid wrist bands and shaved "rockstar" heads. So when we went to the third wedding of this month, we decided to take a picture in his honor.

Does anyone else see the resemblance?
On another rockstar note, Spence and I were making fun of Nickleback the other day, looking up cover songs (which I will not post from youtube, due to the fact I would feel way too bad making more fun of those poor unfortunate souls). The covers were awful to say the least (we even looked up one Creed song- never again), but it dawned on me to ask Spence one question:
Why do people make fun of Nickleback?
I mean, they aren't that terrible.
Spencer and I came up with the conclusion that everyone probably secretly likes Nickleback but it is an unwritten rule to kind of hate on them and make fun of their side of the industry.
Kind of like how you may secretly like Evanescence. 
Or soap operas.
or high-fructose corn syrup.
You know, to keep your head in the game. You can't let others know your weaknesses.
Some things are just better off kept unknown.

Have any secret weaknesses or indulgences? Please tell me below so that I can rest assured I am not alone. ;)

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