Paper Airplanes and Date Night

Spence and I went on the funnest date night last Wednesday.
Our church has a monthly "date night" where they provide activities for people to come to.
This past week was extravagant!
We went to a local hotel and played numerous games as a couple to try and earn points.
There was a marshmallow toss to try and catch them in your partner's mouth.
A bouncy ball game.
The "what's in your wallet?" game.
And my personal favorite, building airplanes and trying to get them through hula hoops.
After all the festivities, they served us a yummy meal provided by Elements.
It was so delicious. Like literally everything on your plate can't compare to each other.
Spence and I ended up sitting next to some older (60+) couples.
It was really fun and they were a huge help while we were answering trivia. 
Regardless of the fact that we didn't score any prizes.
I still feel like a winner.
(cue cheesy wink)

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  1. Oh my gosh. SUCH a cute idea for a date night! Love it. Such a winner :) :)

    1. Thank you!! It was a well put together event! I wonder if we could recreate it?

  2. This sounds like such an adorable date night!


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  4. Thank you for reading and the awesome tip! I will go check out your site:)

    xx Laur

  5. sounds like so much fun! happy momma here knowing her girl got out! lol :)


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