falling for plaid

PLAID SHIRT: c/o MASON & BELLE | CARDIGAN: Ann Taylor Loft | PANTS: Diva by Old Navy | BOOTS: Lucky 21 | CROSS BODY BAG: Calvin Klein | SHORT PERSONALIZED NECKLACE: c/o Junghwa | WHISTLE NECKLACE: Bohme
I have been dying to get my hands on a good plaid shirt for a couple of weeks now. No scratch that-- for years now! I have yet to find the perfect long sleeve button up plaid (note: not a flannel), so if you find one, please let me know. However, this Mason & Belle plaid shirt sure does the trick for the short sleeve and cardigan layering look. It has a front pocket and the back is actually made with a gray cotton fabric for a versatile look. I'm obsessed with boots, especially these. I had a pair of these from Steve Madden a couple of years ago. I originally bought them a size too big, and since boots stretch out, I ended up getting rid of them because they looked clonky and huge on me. I kind of hinted to Spence I wanted a twin pair for this year. Lo and behold, he surprised me with them- complete with red zipper detail. I'm in love with him and the boots!
Sorry, no deep or telling content today. I'm not feeling very inspirational as far as words are concerned. Too many precious words spent on homework. Perhaps the outfit is enough creativity to keep you captive?



  1. I love that top! I love all plaid, but especially the red sort :) Hope you're having a great weekend! xo Hannah
    p.s. I am holding a giveaway for a cozy aztec cardigan over on my blog if you'd like to join here:

    1. I love red plaid the most too! MMM cozy cardigans are my fave.


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