This past weekend Spence and I celebrated our first sixth months of marriage.
He had his first Saturday in forever off from working at The Roof in Downtown Salt Lake, so we took full advantage that evening of the eighth.
We spent our day doing our usual, consisting of cuddling and Netflix.
Then, having heard rave reviews on a newer restaurant called Alamexo, we decided to get dressed up and go.
One motto I live by is...
"pictures, or it didn't happen."
One thing I have noticed over the past sixth months of marriage is that Spencer and I have a hard time getting pictures together.
Our couples-selfie game is poor, and we both feel too bad to put someone out by asking them to take ludicrous amounts of pictures of us to find that "one."
Long story short- I desperately wanted a picture of us dressed up in front of the trendy Alamexo sign, but we failed to get this.

Good news though... The food is delicious (be prepared for the onslaught of garlic).
The hand-prepared guac (made at the table) was right on par.
Plus, I enjoyed good company as my husband and I played round upon round of The Newly Wed Game (questions only) together.
It has been fun to see how much we know about each other.
It has also been great to reminisce on all that we have learned in the short time of marriage and combined year and a half of dating. I say dating, because it is firm belief in our marriage that we should continuously date. (We even go "date" another couple as we call it. Sara and Parker Jensen go with us to Chilli's every week and then we end the night talking and playing board games- it is always hilarious)!

We both named three things that we have learned these past sixth months:

She's learned: that he is a personal heater at night. There is a lot of bad luck when clothing shop for him, just let him do his shopping. Always compliment his soccer skills. Always.

 He's learned: not to wake her up before she's ready. If you promise her something- you better deliver. If she asks how she looks, she looks "fantastic" but if she doesn't ask, tell her she's "the prettiest girl in the world."

I can't wait to spend even more time with my babe.
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