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It is the strangest thing to fall in love with cowl and turtleneck sweaters. Once you buy one, and try it on, you instantly understand why they are brilliantly designed. It is as if wearing a scarf- yet that scarf came complete with the sweater. It is...
cozy, and keeps a "cold-blooded" person like me wrapped up all day long (not actually cold blooded, but I always say I become the temperature that it is outside, thus I am "cold-blooded" just like our reptile friends-- but I joke, I joke). So you buy one cowl neck sweater, and then you find yourself looking for stores that are "up" enough on the 90's trend to have them in stock again. But alas, the only stores that really are worth shopping for these sweaters ticket them at $50+ a sweater. Which, is just not right, when you think about it. Instead, I found my next neck-covering shirt at a thrift store for $5, and have now worn it too many times within the past week. Moral of the story? Get yourself a turtleneck/cowl neck now.
Here is the thing about my style, I always try to dress up every once in awhile, but my true style that I gravitate towards is much different. If I could compare it to something, I would say it is like comfort food. I enjoy things that are practical and comfortable, and keep my body temperature in line. I honestly find nothing worse than having to tuck, grab, and fix at an outfit all day long for the sake of looks. Besides, I always feel like it is a downer on my confidence when I feel like my outfit is constantly under surveillance and maintenance to stay in place. Low confidence means that an outfit is not rocked, and therefore a waste anyway. I like BEARPAW shoes for this very reason. They are pretty cute, but not outlandish and showy, they are warm, and most of all just what your feet want to feel after wearing cruddy shoes all the time. Feet bear (ha, pun intended) all the weight of the day, so they deserve to feel pampered doing it. The feeling I got when I slid my feet into these Johanna is something I want everyone to feel. It felt like my feet were being put near a warm fire to be kept warm. It was wonderful.
At first when I saw SAGE & HARPER bags, I thought they would be perfect for my "teacher" bag. The fun colors drew me in and made me feel like a kid again. Then, once I received the purse I realized just how useful the bag is-- there are so many pockets! The bag is anything but flimsy or cheap, in fact there is even some padding to keep items safe. It already has 3 lipsticks, 2 chapsticks, gum, and my wallet packed neatly inside there because I have been taking it with me to school. It is nice to be on the run and have a bag ready to grab and go!
Cowl Neck Sweater: H&M | Shoes: BEARPAW | Pants: Levi's | Bag: SAGE & HARPER



  1. I really like that first shot. Very cool :)

    xo, Rochana |

  2. Your blog is so so cute! LOVE your style :) Be sure to check out for fashion/beauty/home/fitness insp. ;)


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