Holiday Party Style 2

holiday outfit
Yesterday I gave some tips on how to style an outfit when going out, and today I am going to show you another cute outfit idea.
My inspiration was fabric textures. The turtleneck is a cable knit sweater, the skirt is a silky material, and the shoes are covered in fur! Having many textures in an outfit adds a lot of details, making the outfit pleasing to the eye. I also wanted to stray away from the typical top that is worn with an A-line skirt. Instead of a slimming skin-tight top, I chose to go with a top that is more loose fitting, and actually quite bulky. It was a bit of a daring leap out of my comfort zone, but I was pleased with the results!
gap sweater
turtleneck sweater
gray turtleneck
christmas outfit
cheetah heels
TURTLENECK:  Gap | PARTY SKIRT: care of Lucy and Lyla (order a size up!) | SHOES: Charlotte Russe (old)
PHOTOGRAPHY: D + J Photography


Let me just tell you a little about Lucy and Lyla... I have never met a store with BETTER customer service than them. When I received my clothing, I realized that the skirt wasn't going to fit me right (it runs small in the waist, order a size up). I emailed Danica, who I had been talking about our blog collaboration with, and told her how sad I was that it was too small. She was kind and smart and so accommodating! The skirt was exchanged on my doorstep the next day. Danica had business in Salt Lake and personally drove the skirt to my house! So, not only am I recommending Lucy and Lyla for their killer clothing in stock, but also because they certainly know how to run a business!

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  1. omg! What a stunning look. Thanks so much for linking up with Fab Five Fridays!!

  2. I have a blue skirt that I could do this with! Thanks for the style idea! :)

  3. I think this looks lovely! The shoes are great!!

  4. I love that skirt and that it has pockets - awesome!

  5. Love the red skirt - It gave such the right pop of color

  6. I appreciate the combining fabrics, it is something that I have always been uneasy doing. I tend to stick with the what is traditionally done, but you have a knack for putting outfits together. Something I definitely admire.


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