New Year's Resolutions for Your 20's

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Every year you probably sit down an think, "What can I do to be better?" This is called your resolutions list. We resolve to lose weight, to find love, to make more money, but for some reason it never seems like our goals are met. But, maybe it is because our goals are missing one huge component:  a definite solution. Here is a comprehensive list of New Year's resolutions that just about any twenty-something-year-old can achieve for 2015.

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  1. Drink more water-- in fact drink half your body weight in ounces!  (I talk about WHY to drink water here and have a recipe for apple cinnamon water here)
  2. Get rid of of anything that you haven't used in over 3 months, including clothes and electronics. Try selling your clothes to a thrift shop like Uptown Cheapskate or on Bib & Tuck, or other items on Ebay (unless nostalgic or holiday themed). A quick clean sweep of unneeded things will make your life feel more organized
  3. Do something for someone else once a day- it's all about getting that sparkle that I talked about here, this will bring the happiness you are looking for!
  4. Do something physical for 30 minutes everyday- Instead of saying you'll lose 10 pounds this year, set a goal to look and feel more fit. Being active for 30 minutes daily can mean running, walking, lifting, jumping, hiking, dancing, swimming, even moving or carrying a baby around! Calories add up if you make sure to do this once a day.
  5. Save 10% of income- Ever heard this from Dave Ramsey? I sure have! Pay yourself first, then pay all the rest. 10% is not much, so you won't feel the hurt, but it will add up over time! 
  6. Travel more often- This is so much easier now that Alaskan Airlines is in the mix! Flight rates have gone down all around. Even if they are only cheaper in the states, make a round trip flight and go! 
  7. Try a new food every month- CULTURED. That's right, when you are daring enough to familiarize with new foods and traditions, you can become cultured. How classy is that?!
  8. Use a day planner- If you have to, buy yourself a cute Kate Spade planner, but a simple planner on your phone will do! You will be amazed at how much more you can get done-- and how much less you procrastinate-- when you plan your days out!
  9. Become the type of person you would want to date- That's right, make a list of things you want out of a potential partner. Now look at the list and ask yourself if you meet all of those qualifications yourself! If not, either work on them, or work on your list!
  10. Leave your phone down for 3 hours once a week- Put it away, turn it off, hide it, go out of service range, whatever it takes! Those three hours will be a lot more relaxing than you think. Social media can really add stress!

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SPARKLE SWEATER: gift from Lucy and Lyla | CHAMBRAY SHIRT: Apt. 9 | LEGGINGS (workout pants!): Adidas | RIDING BOOTS: Brecklles

Another killer item from Lucy and Lyla! I have been working with them a lot lately, but I really have no complaints against their clothing. They all fit well and don't seem cheap in the least bit! They have great timing with shipping. This sweater is warm, and gives just the right amount of glitz and glam needed this new year. Only thing to watch out for- those sequins can cause some pills on your inner sleeves from rubbing up against each other. Not a manufacturing problem, more like a problem with the way I always fold my arms! So just be careful!



  1. Cute cute outfit, I love the resolution list!

    1. Thank you! I think it will help me to feel more accomplished instead of guilty

  2. Happy New Year! love the sweater, love the boots!

    latte of blessings and giggles, Jeanie

    1. Happy New Year to you as well! Thank you, I am obsessed with boots. PS-- cute sign off!

  3. i have those boots, cute right!? Always love sparkly sequins:) Happy 2015...and hey I wanted to invite you to a party, just started, a new fashion link up for fridays, Fashion Caché Friday @SweetHaute love it if you'd come party each week.

    ~Be Sweet
    Christina at

  4. Cute outfit and great photos! You're so pretty!! Travel more was one of my resolutions and I love that you mentioned putting your phone down for more than 3 hours. More people in their 20's need to start doing that haha

  5. These are some great resolutions even for a girl in her 30s. Yes, me.

  6. Great list! I've been meaning to declutter my closet for the longest time. I need to get on that.

  7. This is great way to de clutter your life.

  8. Amazing outfit, loove the glitter!


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