What I Learned my First Year Blogging

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That's right, one whole year of blogging. It blows my mind! A year ago I thought that I would try this thing out, that maybe it might stick, maybe it might not. Turns out I'm in it for good. Along the way, I have learned quite a few things, things I want to let you all know!

leather skirt outfit
chiffon blouse

The Good:
  1. Blogging is an amazing creative outlet. If i ever feel like I need to get something off my chest, create a project, or connect with others, this blog has done the trick.
  2. Normally an introvert, I can share my personal side without having to actually do the talking. Sometimes real life parties wear me out!
  3. You can meet some really, really cool peeps. Like really.
  4. Whenever someone asks what my hobbies are, I now have 2 things to say, "Reading (when I have time) and blogging." No more awkward, "I don't know." So thats pretty nice.
  5. Blogging gets you free things. Which I mean, is such a perk. Ammmmmarite?
  6. Blogging lets me practice the business woman in me-- selling a negotiation is both thrilling and addicting.
  7. Having a blog can boost your self-worth. Like, "Yeah, I make/write/put together outfits pretty well." Self-confidence boost. Yup.
leather and chiffonThe Bad:
  1. When you get free stuff, you have to pay taxes on it.
  2. Once you earn money, you should own a small business license.
  3. Sometimes businesses that you love disappoint you. Working behind the scenes can ruin reputations.
  4. Sometimes you get told, "No." Sometimes companies just don't want to work with you. No explanation. You just get over it.
  5. It is extremely competitive. It is a blog eat blog world out there! 
  6. It is easy to make life seem perfect. This is not a persona that I want to portray, but who writes about the bad?!
  7. GOMI. Haven't heard of it? Look it up. Luckily, I am not mentioned there. But it is a mad, mad world to have a site like this.
wide brim fedora
girl with wavy hair

The Unfashionable:
  1. Bad outfits, posted everywhere. For everyone. Ever wonder, "Why did I wear that?" Yeah. Me too.
  2. People judging those outfits. Ever wonder, "Why did she wear that?" Yeah, me too!
  3. Making a spelling/grammatical error. AFTER EDITING. TWICE. & Still missing said error, and posting.
  4. Realizing that having chipped fingernails look terrible in outfit photos.
  5. Hoping that your real friends don't tell everyone that you live in sweats most of the day, being dressed pretty only happens for about 4 hours a day.

HAT: Forever21 (old, similar) | SHIRT: Vince Camuto | LEATHER SKIRT: care of Lucy & Lyla | BOOTS: care of BEARPAW
PHOTOGRAPHY: D + J Photography

I have been craving a leather skirt for a reeeeally long time. Only problem was finding one that fit my modest style! Finally, while lusting over every article of clothing at Lucy & Lyla (they are that good) I found the perfect skirt! Knee length. Leather skirt. What, what.


Ashley Morgan Mini Photography Sesh:
Tresann E.
Personalized Junghwa Necklace:
Mallory B.
Alina C.
Necklace of Choice from Urban Peach:
Erin G.
Pair of Bonnie Shoes from BEARPAW:
Marren M.
Isabel F.
Susan D.
Amino Peptide Lift Cream from Visage de Layla:
Sean C.
Bracelet and Sweater from Hippie Chick Boutique:
Chelsea E.
Four Way Tank from Jaleh:
Susan M.
Coffe Scrub from 'ili:
Natalie B.
Colleen B.
Item of Choice from Agnes & Dora:
Caitlyn S.
Slice Necklace from Song Yee Designs:
Amanda S.
Dress From Lady Girl Vintage:
Brynn R.
Travel Kit From Ginger Chi:
April C.
Givenchy Perfume:
KLynn S.

They do not email back within 24 hours, did not complete the entry, or do not live within the United States boundaries as stated in the giveaway info.




  1. I share many of your opinions of blogging--enjoyed reading your perspective!

  2. We can learn a lot after one year of blogging. I know so much stuff now than 1 year ago. Amazing photos!

    1. One year down and I am still learning! Imagine another year from now... also, THANKS!

  3. Lauryn,
    I am just starting my own blog, and had no idea about many of the pros and cons! I will try to keep myself in check regarding the unfashionable list. Loved the post!

  4. beautiful pictures! I'm going into my second year of blogging on and off and I've learned similar stuff that you mentioned. When I first started to blog I never thought it would be so completive. Also, as big as the internet is I find that I usually run in the same or similar "circle" as others in my niche.

    1. I never did either! It is truly hilarious how small the blogging world is!

  5. Yes yes yes to editing! I read blog posts from 3 years ago and then cringe when I find a typo!

  6. Yes, there's good and bad with blogging. Overall I find it worth it.

  7. I didn't know that the GOMI site even existed... Glad you aren't on it or else I would have to do some webihunting ;)


    1. hahhahah! Thanks for always having my back, girl!

  8. Lovely outfit. My blog is so small and I write about crochet patterns that I didn't know any of the things you are talking about here. I think I live in my own little blogging world. :-)

    1. Hahaha that's okay! I think it may be a niche thing!


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