FAUX Everything

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braided faux hawk
Faux hawk. Faux fur. 
I'm thinking of making a hair tutorial for this braided faux hawk, and you can find this faux fur jacket at AMI Clubwear. MAKE SURE TO ORDER TWO SIZES UP. I ordered one size up (I always do, I like long jacket sleeves) and it was still snug and shorter sleeves.

As for having a faux professional attitude? Doesn't work around here. Well, at least not with me. This past year blogging I have learned the faux-pas (okay, okay, I will stop) of the business of blogging. However, such situations have led me to come up with my own list of "business rules" to abide by when handling affairs with others. Especially when blogging.

  1. Always be prompt. It speaks for itself. Be on time. That means to show up to places on time, post on time, reply on time. 
  2. Read your emails. Twice.  Don't make the mistake that I have done (and seen so many others do) and ask dumb questions. Yes, there are dumb questions. If an email is read thoroughly, often times that question can be answered.
  3. Respond to emails. Hate a cliff-hanger as much as me? Well, when emails go un-answered, it is like losing the ending to your current best-selling thriller novel. Don't leave anyone guessing. 
  4. Be explicit. Don't leave room for miscommunication, or error. If you are able to say what you want upfront, everyone will know what to expect.
  5. Create a timeline.  Set a date, stick with that date. It is pretty disappointing when a timid timeline has been made, falling through last minute. To be successful, you must be reliable. Having a calendar will help you in doing so.
  6. Address the person, compliment the company. Everyone likes to feel special. When you use a name, you personalize the business transaction, the compliment is the little bit of flattery needed to cushion the closing of any deal.
  7. Don't make yourself the exception. Asking for favors or special circumstances sounds whiny, and unprofessional. Deliver, regardless of the situation and you will stand out.
  8. Be consistent. Your blog is your brand. Just think of walking into Nordstrom... you expect to see a certain type of clothing quality and to receive a certain type of service. That is across all Nordstrom stores. Make your brand (blog) authentic by leaving the same type of consistency with your posts. 
  9. Follow up. Let a company know when you receive a product, and when you post about it. Same when working with other bloggers, make sure that you keep in touch when you are working together.
  10. Check for mistakes. Everyone is prone to mistakes, especially when typing. Especially me! Make yourself look ultra professional by getting rid of any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

faux fur jacket
outfit of the day
knee high boots
braided faux hawk
faux fur
wall photo
tall boots
Pictures by Diana Putnam

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  1. Great "business faux-pas" tips. Definitely good to keep these in mind, especially #8 (Being explicit). I love that jacket by the way!

    1. Thank you! I get so mad at myself when I break these rules!

  2. These are so on point. Number 9 - Follow Up. I have guest blogged on a few websites that after I sent them the guest blog they disappeared and didn't get back to me! That is so frustrating because making connections in blogging is so important!

    1. UGH! Isn't that the worst?! Especially when you have to wait to post the topic on your own blog. I agree, those blogger connections are crucial.

  3. What a great post! Love the outfit!! xo Martha Kate www.leavingperfectionlearninggrace.com

  4. Love love love your hair! So cool!


  5. Oh I love the outfit specially the boots lol but these are great tips. Thank you

  6. Great suggestions for avoiding blogging mistakes! We're are new at blogging and are learning the ropes, some by mistakes unfortunately. I do know as I approach blogging with fresh eyes, I know what I have appreciated with other bloggers and try to implement those things, and your list includes those things.

    1. Thank you! I am glad it could be of use to you! Good luck, blogging is so fun!

  7. These are great tips. I love your outfit, especially the boots!


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