Lazy Days with Sandgrens Clogs

sandgren clogs
Hi, Have we met?
I am Lauryn, lover of my husband, dogs, and clothing.
Oh, and I am the laziest hair-person (hair-doer?) you've ever heard of.
We are talking, wash 2x a week,
pull it into a pony tail AT LEAST 3 times a day,
in a braid/bun for the other waking moments of the day.

I have thick, wavy hair, and it sucks.
You can call me an ungrateful little girl, but, just wait until you have heard my complaints first.

It takes over an hour to straighten/curl my hair. I have gotten so good as conserving time, that I can straighten/curl whilst watching a movie in bed-- sans mirror.
It can literally, I mean literally, take all day to dry. Even if I leave it down blowing in the wind, it'll take 4-5 hours. Blow drying? 40 mins. Plus, that just causes frizz.
Try finding an elastic that will wrap around my hair 3 times (this is the magical number for secure ponytails).
Also, try finding an elastic that will last more than a week. I broke two today.
Oh, you want to go swimming? I really just did my hair last night, so count me out for the next year.
(totally kidding, Spencer and I worked as swim instructors last summer. However, my hair was NEVER done, constantly in between wet from chlorine water, or wet from shampoo).

Okay, okay. Done. No more complaining. But, you get the picture. I am L A Z Y.
It is kind of that way with makeup, too.
On an average day, it is my 5 minute routine.
And clothing has to be an outfit pre-planned for maximum out-the-door-in-thirty.
Again, LAZY when it comes to style. Or shall I say, I prefer comfort?
These Sandgrens Clogs (straight from a Sweden) fit right into my everyday style.
I call it my teacher-style; if I can't walk over a bunch of children and obstacles, bend over without bursting seams, or make it through the day without icing my feet, the outfit isn't worth it.

I recieved these clogs in the mail Friday and have only taken them off to shower (say what?!) and sleep. Some say that clogs are hard to get used to because of their hard soles, but it was the opposite for me! My tired and tested surgical feet felt right at home inside my pair.
Ask any nurse and she will tell you the same thing. Clogs are the shiz.
Especially Sandgrens.

thick hair
sandgrens clogs
black striped shirt
teacher style
olivia + joy
black and white outfit
sangrens clog review
CARDIGAN: Loft | SHIRT: LOVE21 (thrifted from Uptown Cheapskate) | PANTS: Jordache | SHOES: gift from Sandgrens Clogs in Mustard Madrid Low | PURSE: Olivia + Joy

PS I would love some hair tips.
Know of any good elastics?
Best curling iron?
How to prevent dry scalp?

I need you, people!



  1. Love the shoes and that shirt looks so great on you! I'm really lazy too. I only put makeup on or do my hair if I go to work...which is usually one day a week. I do wash it about 5-3 times a week, depending what if I've exercised or not, but yup...I'm right with you on the lazy! =)

  2. Love the color of the clogs you're wearing. Also like the purse you're carrying too. My hair is naturally straight so instead of using a straight iron, I curl it with a 2 inch curling iron.

    1. I might have to get a two inch iron!! Do you use any sprays when you curl it for protectant or hairspray?

  3. Love the clogs! And the shirt! I love stripes!!

  4. Stripes are the best! I think I learned that from you!


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