Rad Swim in Rainbow

great dane
Something completely cool about todays' style is the fact that one piece swimsuits have come full circle.
Back in high school, they weren't oh-so-cool, nor were they easy to find.
I lived in California during my high school years, so many swimsuits were necessary to function in society. I also felt, at the time, that in order to function in society well, bikinis were necessary.
I begged, I pleaded, I practically cried to my dad about letting me get a bikini.
"I need to be cool. One-pieces are NOT cool, Dad."
He wouldn't budge.

We finally cut a deal, I could buy myself bikinis, he would pay for one-piece swimsuits.
He would only fund my modest dressing, and he even offered to buy me a relatively expensive Juicy Couture (which was all the rage during my HS years) that was a one-piece, if I promised to wear it.
I didn't bite the bait.

Even now, I own and wear bikinis. My swimsuit collection from over the years has grown to be about half and half bikini/one-piece styles.
But, I have also come to learn that one-piecers are just more functional. Especially with my body changing from a 16 year old metabolism into an adult metabolism, it is much easier to hide those flaws.
Rad Swim offers many cute and modest swimsuits at half the price my dad was willing to pay back in high school! That is a killer deal, people. Plus these swimmies are nothing to be ashamed of, they are absolutely darling!
dog wash
fringe one piece
Spencer and I are relatively poor. He works as a server at a nice restaurant downtown in Salt Lake that is enough to bring us money while he goes to school full time.
I "work" for free as a student teacher. That's right, bringing in no income.
It has actually been a really hard time for me, letting go of responsibility of any income. Even if it is only a small amount, I feel the need to contribute to the financial stability of our relationship.
Some superhuman people may be able to do student teaching and work, but I just am so incapable! I would be too tired to function.
So, long story short, we are poor, but happy.
For Christmas, with our finances in mind, we told my parents we would wash their dogs (they have 2 Weimaraners and 1 Great Dane) twice a month for 6 months. There is usually a hefty fee involved in dog washes, so we felt it was a gift we shouldn't feel embarrassed about giving, even though no money was spent.
That's how we ended up with these pictures. Saturday was spent our time out in the sun soaking up rays and giving the dogs their first bath outside for the year. This proved to be much easier than using the bathtub (they hate the bathtub because it is slippery). My rainbow fringe Rad Swimsuit was perfect coverage and comfortable to do some dirty dog washing in!
puppy love

PS you can tell Ruby (the Great Dane) is not excited for the water-- look how taut her leash is!



  1. I love learning about new companies. I have never heard of RAD before until now. I notice they have really cute one piece swim suits. I love the fringe swim suit they sent you , and your dog is gorgeous. I can't afford to send my dog to get groomed so we wash her ourselves, too!

    1. Me too! Thank you for the compliments on the dog! Groomers are so so expensive! Washing can be hard, but it is worth the money saved.

  2. I love cute one piece suits - it's nice that they really have come around again.

  3. I love one piece suits! I'm currently looking for the perfect one as I've gotten a little too tall for my last one.

    The White Corner Creative

    1. Oh man, growing up can be the worst! Good luck!

  4. Thank you so much, Lauryn! You look fabulous in this swimsuit, and I am grateful for your sweet review :). Xoxo! Michelle

  5. That's a rad swimwear indeed! I love a good two-piece and have never worn a one-piece ever. But yours is so cute :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

    1. HAHA thanks girl! You need to try a one piece at least once!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! It really makes the suit stand out!

  7. I am very heavy so bathing suit shopping is shear torture!! I love the new tankini styles that have a skirt. Much easier to wear for me.

  8. I like two pieces that are the coverage of a one piece but come apart like a two piece. I like rash guards that are long sleeved.

  9. This is so colorful, I rreally like the energy it gives!


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