Red Rock

tank top and floral kimono outfit
One of the best things about Utah is that you can find a variety of terrains and atmospheres.
I lived in Logan, Utah throughout my college years, which provided a sense of small community and a farming town. I could drive a mile any which way and find cattle and horses. I now live in Salt Lake City, Utah and find myself walking in between tall buildings and constant construction everyday. You could drive a mile any which way and find a metro-chic restaurant or a Mormon. If you travel further South in Utah, you will find yourself surrounded by Earthy, ("granola" as we call them) nature embracing people. There are endless hikes, dozens of lakes and rivers to raft/kayak on, and so many camp sites. Hike a mile any which way and you can find red rock and an original coffee shop. It is amazing the amount of places and niches you can find yourself in in a single state!

I decided to show off this Byer California tank (back not shown, I couldn't find a creative way to make it "modest" enough) in one of those areas of Utah. I'll be taking over Byer's Instagram tomorrow, and decided that it was important to show others just how cool Utah can be! Be sure to follow their Instagram as I take it over for the weekend and give Utah and fashion a proper introduction! (hint hint-- there might even be a giveaway!)
byer california white tank top
utah red rock down south
floral kimono outfit and gold bracelet
block heels in black
Alterre NY Block Heel Shoes (they are interchangeable!)

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  1. I love this outfit and location! PS I agree with everything you said about utah :)

  2. All you said about Utah... NAILED IT! It really is such an awesome place! You are too cute girl!

    xo, kiely
    pocket of blossoms

  3. Utah has never been on my traveling radar, but I'm amazed to hear all the state has to offer. The former geology student in me is very intrigued by that rock!

  4. That kimono - wowwwwwww! I love how dainty and feminine it is! Plus, your hair looks amaaaazing!

  5. Such a fun, summery look - that kimono is gorgeous!

  6. Utah is so awesome. Such a pretty, Summer look. I love that kimono! xo


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