Beige and a Fevrie Giveaway!

beige knit cardigan from Fevrie
I think I have a serious addiction to minimal and neutral colors. 
But, really. When I saw this culotte (koo-lat) jumpsuit from Maude Boutique, I died a little (from excitement) inside. I mean, it was long. It was comfy. It was nude colored. What more could I want?
Oh, that's right! A wonderful neutral colored cardigan to balance out the outfit for a rainy day!
This cardigan gets me so many compliments!
It could be because I wear it 3 x's a week as a cold buffer.
Any other perma coldies out there? I can't leave the house without an extra layer without fearing of freezing! This cardigan from Fevrie is my saving clothing! 
It now sits in the closet of my classroom to (possibly) be pulled out everyday as my body temp fluctuates. Why? Because it matches with EVERYTHING.
brown mule clogs from michael kors
body chain over outfit
nude colored culotte jumpsuit from maude boutique

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Be sure to use the code LAURYNCAKES (case sensitive) at check out for 20% off your Fevrie purchase! (valid until 9/15/2015)



  1. A lovely outfit. I like the cardigan. It looks very comfortable and cozy.

  2. GORGEOUS outfit! Love the fit and color and great shoes too!


  3. Meant to comment yesterday but got distracted lol.....anyway! I could never wear this outfits! I'm toooooo short for culottes and jumpsuits, so far, have all looked horrible on me too lol....however, if I had that amazing cardigan, I probably would be able to hide some of the flaws from the jumpsuits lol....that cardi is gorgeous and looks super comfy. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I have wanted something from fevrie for a while! Just haven't had the extra money!

  4. Oh and those shoes are perfect- perfect for this outfit and gorgeous in general!

  5. The gold chain really makes the whole look really sophisticated. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

  6. The gold chain really makes the whole look really sophisticated. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

  7. That cardigan looks so cozy and comfy! Great outfit!

  8. I would love to trade places with you in regards for you being a perma-coldie! I am a perma-hottie! I am always finding myself hot, Including wearing t-shirts around the house in -40 degree (celsuis) temperatures! I would love to be able to cozy up in a comforter on the couch, and snuggle in nice and cozy....but, it makes me too hot!
    As for your look fabulous in your neutral colours!!!

  9. I'm so in love with your 'Warming Up Sweater' Nude Cardigan from Fevrie. What a cute piece!


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