MTV's Are You The One? & How I Found the One (& 6 Dating Tips!)

If you read this post (written by my cute babe of a husband!), then you are in the know about how we met through TINDER! It was a crazy, crazy year involving swiping right on a guy I had never met, talking to him over the phone for 3+ hours a night while we lived 1, 800 miles away, flying out to finally meet this guy-- that I was already in love with-- in person, and then convincing him to move up to Logan, Utah with me as I finished school. Although the journey didn't involve a lot of easy decisions, it was the smoothest ride I have ever been on!

MTV's new show "Are You The One?" is similar to our love story in that it seems absolutely insane and impossible. I feel for the characters, because knowing how it went with Spencer and I, they probably get a lot of flack for relying on technology or some stupid game show to find their one true love. But, it definitely works. With all the new opportunities provided to us with technology, it would be silly not to embrace the new ways to fall in love! Even if you aren't into that kind of "thing" I've compiled a list of my dating tips! (P.S. you should watch the trailer for "Are You The One?"-- especially if you're into love and/or reality TV!)

  1. Listen to your heart. Cliche, right? It sounds like that one Roxette sings, "Listen to Your Heart" that is practically an oldie! It is so true though. Your heart wants what it wants (now I am pulling a Selena Gomez move on you!)
  2. Don't overdo it.  The relationships that I tried too hard to get always fizzled. That could mean you want it to work out so bad that you are changing who you really are. It isn't worth it! Along with that, people need space in the beginning of relationships. Don't find yourself crawling through your crushes window at 3 A.M. That isn't cool-- that's stalkerish. Lay off the weird vibes and constant texting. They'll appreciate you more if you aren't as easily available. Oh, and while we are on this subject, please, oh please, do NOT go giving shoutouts on social media. Save those for the truly special relationships that you have been in for awhile. If you end up breaking up with the dude and you have just given him a shoutout, you'll feel like a dweeb. Plus, it makes the other guys think you're less available.
  3. Have your own hobbies. This tip goes along with #2. If you have your own things to do, you'll be more busy. The busier you are, the more attractive you will seem. Without a doubt, people are more intrigued by others who are independent and have their own life. TRUST.
  4. Be willing to try out dating sites/apps. You might think they are lame, but they aren't. I thought onions were weird until I realized that they opened all these doors for my food addiction. What could you really lose? Plus, it's not like you have to tell your friends you are on these sites.
  5. Say thank you. Going on a date, at least in the beginning, is doing you a favor. Whether that person has paid for you, or they just said yes. They either have taken time out of their night, or money out of their account to be with you. Make sure to express your grateful feelings towards them (just don't be weird, okay?).
  6. Know when to get out. This one was a tough one for me when I was dating. It seemed that if I didn't have feelings for them, I thought maybe they would grow. Or, on the other end, I thought maybe they would change and start to treat me better! Don't sell yourself short. If they don't seem that into it, get out. If you just aren't feeling it, spare the poor soul before it's too late.

P to the S-- if you have been dreaming of your next tropical vacation, now is your chance to win a trip to Hawaii! All you have to do is watch "Are You The One?" on MTV Wednesdays at 10/9 c and answer (easy) questions and play along! Check it out here!

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Thank you to MTV for sponsoring this post and encouraging me to check out "Are You The One?"



  1. I really liked your tips; I think they would be very helpful! Especially the one about having your own hobbies and being independent. Even with normal friends I think it's important. Great post - thanks for sharing! :) Oh, and you are your husband look super cute!

  2. Thank you for visiting my site. I am already married, but this is definitely great advice for all the singles out there. And I do agree that it would be silly not to be taking advantage of today's technology to meet ones love. You guys look so cute and happy together. :)

  3. Having a long distance relationship is hard but then when you find the one everything gets easier. My fiance and I are living over 2000 miles apart and we are gonna be getting married in less than a month! These are great tips for finding the one!

  4. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

  5. LOVE this take on the topic! I'd love it if you checked my AYTO post out as well :)

    Sea Foam & Diamonds

  6. Excellent tips! I love hearing that you met on Tinder and it worked out.



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