In My (faux) Suede Jacket

tan suede fringe jacket
Just a little bit Western, and a touch of bohemian. I'm channeling my inner model to try and look an ounce as cool as Jenna Pietersen in this Western shoot (be warned, <----this link is very fashion and contains one risque photo)
Since it took me awhile to find the perfect (faux) suede jacket, I want to give you some tips! 

1. Know what color will match your skin tone. If you have yellow skin tones (like me) then a darker brown will look better. If you have red skin tones, a lighter beige or tan will look better on you. Trust me on this one, I passed up many pretty suede jackets because they were too light and washed my features out. 

2. Know that if you go with real suede you'll pay more. Not only will is cost more money, it will cost a life. I'm not saying that I know that all of my clothing is ethical, but when it comes to fast fashion, I make sure to buy materials that don't involve killing an animal. Also, if you bought real suede, you would need to dry clean, which also equates to more money. 

3. Know if you want your jacket to have no fringe, minimal fringe (such as mine from RAGA), or a ton of fringe! You can also go for the long fringe look as well. RAGA has a lot of options!

These are the three things I noticed the most while trying to find the perfect faux suede fringe coat for myself. If you have any more tips, please tell me about them below in the comments!
tall lined booties that don't slip
fringe jacket
RAGA clothing bohemian style
RAGA suede clothing



  1. I love your jacket, Lauryn, and those booties are so fab and perfect for fall/winter! I hope you have an amazing day :)



  2. This is super cute! Love how you styled it :)

  3. Interesting to hear your thoughts on choosing suede. I haven't bought products with suede, but I'm glad you mentioned not choosing options that are the pitfalls of fast fashion. It's great to meet another blogger who's from Utah and support ethical fashion!

  4. You look awesome in that jacket. I love the pop of green from your nails too. I'm more of a minimal fringe girl too. :)

  5. This is a perfect fall look! What a nice jacket! Love its color and fringe details. The boots are also really pretty.


  6. Love this look! The jacket is gorg.

    You have such a nice blog too! Would you maybe want to follow each other? Let me know x
    Lina /

  7. Great jacket - perfect fall piece!

  8. I love the whole look, and I especially love those shoes.

  9. I love the jacket! It looks great on you. Xo, Ellese



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