White Fringe

Now this is one trend you need to get the confidence and just wear. Whether you love it or hate it, fringe definitely is an attention-grabber.
I especially love this white fringe sweater  because it is easy to wear on a "grab and go" day. You know those days, the ones where you grab the first thing you see that is comfortable and run out the door with it!
Speaking of running out the door, if you love doing that like me, then eyelash extensions should be your new best friend! I recently went to True Beauty Forever in Kayesville and had these eyelash extensions put on. They easily save me 10 minutes everyday because I don't have to worry about putting on layers and layers of mascara or my nightly routine of lash serum. I'd highly recommend True Beauty Forever as a great place to get your lashes done if you are always in a time crunch when getting ready. ORRRR if you just want to get tons of amazing compliments on your mile long lashes.

EYELASHES BY True Beauty Forever


  1. absolutely gorgeous. those boots are a stunner.
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  2. Fringe is so in right now! You look fabulous in your white fringe top!


    1. It SO is! I love it! It really never goes out of style. Thank you so much for the compliment.


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