Plaid for the Holiday with Shabby Apple

plaid dress from shabby apple
One reason why I despise winter? Getting pale! Back in high school, and even college, I went to tanning beds a ton.
Plus, I lived in California until the end of my junior year (of high school), so I always felt tan. Now that so many people have come forward about their skin cancer linked to tanning beds, I am terrified of them. Pale it is.
Also, I'm just not that into tights. They itch. It seems like they are winter essential in cold climates, though. It might be time to mature and act like a big girl and just buy a nice pair to wear with my dresses. Last weekend, to compensate for the snowy death by wind, I wore a maxi skirt with leggings underneath to church. It was heavenly, but not so fashionable. I think tights could fix this. Good thing the day I took these pictures in this adorable plaid Shabby Apple dress, it was actually on the warmer side. It was about 50 degrees out, which is quite manageable in Utah! 
The dresses from Shabby Apple are always gorgeous and so unique to what you might find in a typical department store. I wanted to give a holiday feel to the black and white plaid, so I paired it with my only red shoes and a dark green faux leather jacket. The best part of this dress has to be the tie front. It really helps show off the figure by pulling in the waist. You better believe I will be wearing this to the next Christmas party!
plaid dress from shabby apple
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plaid dress for holiday parties
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  1. I hear you girl, I am so losing my tan and I am not happy about it! Your skin looks glorious in this outfit even without a tan, LOL! The baking th I hear you girl, I am so losing my tan and I am not happy about it! Your skin looks glorious in this outfit even without a tan, LOL! I'm all about Gingham and I absolutely love this dress on you! You look stunning! I am over the moon for those red shoes and they make your legs look a mile long!

  2. This is such a gorgeous look! Your gingham dress is darling and I love it styled with the red heels and olive moto jacket!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Your gingham dress is lovely, I like it with the leather jacket! :)

    I was never a fan of tights but I got some fleece lined ones for winter and they are so soft and cosy, not at all itchy, and they have lasted me years! lets me continue to wear my dresses and skirts in winter without freezing, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Cute dress! Plaid is such a classic but love how this dress comes with a modern twist. :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  5. I absolutely love Shabby Apple clothing and message about inspiring women. I love how styled your gingham dress. Gingham can be a tricky pattern to pull off but you nailed it.

  6. i've just recently heard about shabby apple and they have really cute stuff. love the pop of red. such a sucker for it


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