Boot Socks

grace and lace boot socks
I try and clean out my closet of clothes every two weeks. If I am iffy about something and just can't give it away quite yet, two week later if I am still feeling that way, it becomes much easier to detach myself from the clothing. This velvet dress was one of those items that I just could not get rid of.
It has been in my closet for a year unworn. Finally, once I wore it, it all made sense why it had been kept for so long, even if it had been collecting dust.
Now, if you don't own any boot socks from Grace and Lace, now is the time to buy! Not only can they be worn with OTK boots, but they look fabulous with short booties as well. Grace and Lace was seen on Shark Tank season 5 where they were looking for investors in their company featuring boot socks! As you can see, people love them!
velvet dress
grace and lace shark tank
long boot socks
duster cardigan
long boot socks
over the knee boots
ISANI for Target Women's Sammy Long Cardigan Gray • $39.99
J&M Clothing Brand Cream Lace Extender Slip • $29.99
ZAC POSEN Burgundy Dress • $152.15 (similar)
Daegan Otk suede boot • $55.98 (similar)



  1. EVERY TWO WEEKS?! You are so good. I try to do it every few months, I wish I could do every couple weeks. I hate looking at my closet because there's so much stuff in it, but at the same time I have a hard time letting things go! lol

    1. Yes, I try really hard or else my closet is a disaster area! You do you, though, girl!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! The cardigan IS comfy! You should get one for yourself:)

  3. I'm a big fan of boot socks, there's something just ever so slightly sexy while practical about them! Result!! And a cupboard clearout every 2 weeks?? Wow! My method is to hang things up on the left of the cupboard, so after a couple of months, I know that the stuff on the right rarely gets worn, so is ripe for being chucked out for my one-in-one-out closet mantra! Thanks so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou

    1. You are so so right! That is also a great idea about your closet. Thank you for the insight!


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